Yama Dwitiya

Shukla Paksha Dwitiya of Karthik month is celebrated as Yama Dwitiya. This festival is one of the important celebrations post Diwali. This is a significant festival in South India and some parts of North India that celebrates sibling love between sisters and their brothers.

Yama Dwitiya 2023

Wed , 15th Nov 2023


According to the legend, River Goddess Yamuna is the sister of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death. On this day, Lord Yama visited his sister Yamuna after Diwali. Yami welcomed her brother with fragrant garlands and applied auspicious tilak on his forehead. She greeted him and prepped a meal with his favorite dishes. Lord Yamaraj was pleased with her love and hospitality and requested Yamuna to choose a boon. Yamuna asked a boon that the brothers who visit their sister's home and bless their sister will never go to Naraka/hell. Lord Yama agreed to fulfill the boon also promised that sister who invites her brother and serves food to him on this special day, will live a saubhagyavathi. In honor of Lord Yama, this day has been celebrated as Yama Dwitiya. Since the main ritual of this day involved worshiping brothers by sisters. It is also referred as 'Bhratri Dwitiya.'


On this day, brothers usually visit sisters’ home. Sisters greet their brother by aarti and applying tilak on their forehead. Then perform a simple puja and exchange gifts in the muhurtha time of the day. Then, a grand meal is served to the brother. the sister gets blessings from the brother and the brother blesses her to be a saubhagyavathi all her life. Some people also worship Planet Moon and King Bali in the evening on his return to Patala Loka.


  • This enhances the sibling bond between brothers and sisters.
  • This festival creates a window to keep the maternal relationships alive after the marriage. 
  • Sisters pray for the longevity and happiness of their brothers.
  • It is also believed that taking a holy dip in Yamuna river on this day blesses salvation and prevents untimely death.

Yama Dwitiya festival dates between 2020 & 2030




Monday, 16th of November


Saturday, 6th of November 


Thursday, 27th of October


Wednesday, 15th of November


Sunday, 3rd of November


Thursday, 23rd of October


Wednesday, 11th of November


Sunday, 31st of October


Thursday, 19th of October


Wednesday, 7th of November


Monday, 28th of October

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