Capricorn Horoscope 2022

Capricorn horoscope 2022 indicating, The year 2022 will be filled with ups and downs for Capricorn natives. You might have to remain calm, focused and deepen your internal morale all along these highs and lows to make 2022 a successful year.

Excelling this pattern of managing extremities with keeping your confidence and ease intact would take you places this year. Your interests and activities are likely to broaden. It would help if you consciously fought out the sense of pretentiousness that Rahu might bring. Here are the major planetary transits for 2022. 

Jupiter enters Pisces and will be posited in Third House from Capricorn. Saturn enters Aquarius, the second house for Capricorn and reenters your own sign after becoming retrograde. Rahu will be entering Aries, Fourth House.

These transits define your life in 2022. Rahu and Saturn might bring some hardships in Marital life & career due to the aspect on seventh and tenth houses. At the same time, Jupiter might create a window to make essential changes to your life without the usual disruption from Saturn.

Health conditions might also face some heat due to Saturn. With inner calmness, balance and undeterred faith in the more significant force, you can make this a good year.

capricorn horoscope 2022

Capricorn Career Horoscope 2022

From the career point of view, there are good chances of making money from different sources intermittently. At the same time, it is advised to be sincere and honest at work, and your casual, lethargic approach might cost your job.

Planet Saturn, the lord of deeds, will create situations at work, making you work harder than usual since he will aspect the Tenth house of the profession all through 2022 except for a few months.

Both salaried and entrepreneurs might face difficulty in accomplishing work goals. With Saturn aspecting third house lord of efforts, He will honour your sincere efforts at work. Career will definitely be better than moderate, with Jupiter reengineering some damage caused by Saturn.

You might get lucky in finding a dream job after September when Mercury is transiting through the tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses. Entrepreneurs will also taste success in this phase in implementing new business strategies and partnership deals. You might also acquire other firms.

Capricorn Money Horoscope 2022

Finances look average. Until April, the time is ideal for increasing wealth, savings, and new investments. From April, with the three significant planets, i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu, transiting, you are advised to be highly cautious about finances created and upcoming money.

Even a slight oversight might put you in severe monetary stress due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius. Avoiding unplanned expenses, sticking to your budget frame will help you ease the financial strain until September.

It would help if you diligently utilized every possible chance to increase your wealth through investments, deposits and savings in the early part of the year to survive the financial gap the middle of the year might pose. Business deals look favourable after September. Until then, exercise utmost caution in signing new deals or partnerships.

Capricorn Relationships Horoscope 2022

Of all the dimensions of life, marital and family life take the most heat in 2022. Ketu might cause challenges at the beginning of the year. In addition to this, the aspect of planet Mars in your fourth house during the month of February might cause strain in your paternal bond.

There are chances that you might be face challenges and hurt through your father. In April, there might be more challenges concerning your married life after Saturn transit since Saturn will aspect your seventh house of marriage and third house of siblings.

You could go through mental stress if you fall prey to these challenging situations. It is suggested that you ignore the flaws of your life partner and shift your focus on their goodness and love to maintain peace in the family.

Venus will bring breathing space during mid-August-September. The month of August will be ideal for newlyweds who have been planning for a family. You will go on short vacations, your relationship with your in-laws will be smooth. Love life would be moderate, and you might meet new people after Rahu’s transit.

You should stay faithful to your partner and discuss your challenges with an open mind to avoid disruptions in your love life.

Capricorn Health Horoscope 2022

Health and wellbeing call for the most attention in 2022. You must be highly careful about your health from the beginning of the year due to Rahu in your fifth house. You must attend to even a slight discomfort without hesitation.

After this, with the presence of Saturn in Aquarius, you are likely to face minor health problems. However, Saturn can also help you get rid of prolonged diseases. Stress from family and marital life might affect your wellbeing.

You can take up yoga and Kriya practices to retain your inner peace through the tough times. Father’s health could worsen during this time, adding to the mental stress.

Capricorn Education Horoscope 2022

The education arena for Capricorn natives looks good. Your interests might expand into new fields and could include further studies or overseas travel. People in universities might change their stream of education due to newfound interests.

Although Rahu might bring some distractions to school students, aligning with your study schedule and your ambitions for the future will help you score well. If you are preparing for competitive exams, you will see great success after September.

Year-end looks suitable for all types of students- both college going & school going. Your dreams of studying overseas will come true, and you will also get admission to the desired universities.

Capricorn Horoscope 2022: Astrological Remedies

  • Worship Lord Ganesha, smash coconuts and offer modak on Sankashti days.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman, recite Hanuman Chalisa and offer betel leaf mala on Saturdays.
  • Feed cows and dogs in your locality.
  • Worship Goddess Durga in Rahukaala. 
  • Donate food or vastram to women on Fridays to eliminate marital troubles.