Leo Horoscope 2022

Leo horoscope 2022 indicating, 2022 Leos would be a blessed year. You will be bestowed with financial resources and spiritual pursuits all along the year.

Jupiter transiting to Pisces, eighth house from Leo will aspect eleventh, first and third houses blessing you will get great clarity, financial gains and sibling support.

Rahu also blesses you with prosperity and good finances. However, Saturn in Aquarius might bring some worries, and existing anxieties might increase. Following utmost safety while travelling and extra focus on children’s health is essential for Leo natives this year.

You will handle these challenges with confidence and positivity. Shadow Planet Rahu in Aries, Ninth House from Leo, brings mixed results. New social life, childbirth, happier moments in the family and good finances make 2022 for Leo, a happy year.

Sticking to basics, avoiding negativity brewing in your mind, and applying all the life lessons learnt from last year can make this year memorable. This year might fill you with utmost enthusiasm and good money. Overall, this year is a great period to work on long term goals for your future.

leo horoscope 2022

Leo Career Horoscope 2022

2022 will enhance your confidence level and positivity. You will enjoy the fruits of your constant hard work invested last year. You will also focus on upskilling yourself this year.

The beginning of the year might be slow. After the mid of April, things will turn favourable for you at work during Jupiter's transit. Success will be a sure outcome. Saturn might cause occasional instability. But your hard work and commitment would ensure your progression to the top of the corporate ladder.

It would help if you fought the constant sense of procrastination. Job promotions and salary hikes are a given. Job-related short travels are on the cards. It is essential to adhere to the commitments promised at work tasks. You might find yourself backing off from hard work, and this could be harmful to new responsibilities. Shift your focus on your work and long term goals.

This will help you get the fullest results from Jupiter transit. Business people will sign profitable deals. This year is favourable for making new contracts through foreign deals. This year, for entrepreneurs related to import and export of goods, will get you lots of overseas customers.

Leo Money Horoscope 2022

Finances look stable throughout the year. There will be ample chances to increase your income. All your financial goals will be materialized. Make the most of all possible opportunities coming your way to increasing your income.

Jupiter will shower money and material wealth on you. There is a lucky yoga for buying a new home or land. Some significant expenses for health is also foreseen. A few redundant expenses are also predicted. It is suggested to keep these trivial expenses under control.

Regardless of these expenses, there will not be any dip in the cash flow. Mid of the year looks fruitful for enhancing your economic status. During this period, there will be many wealth creating opportunities that will strengthen your financial state. It is suggested to utilize short term investments ideas to keep the money accessible.

Legal or litigation issues that have been pending for a long time will be resolved this year. You will also return the money borrowed from friends or relatives. The inherited property will be of some financial help. By curbing your sudden expenses to boost your wealth, you will be more successful in striking a balance between earned and saved finances.

Leo Relationships Horoscope 2022

Family life and social life will be pleasant all year. Your personality will improve for good. You will be able to meet influential people and new friends. The beginning of the year seems ordinary for your love life. Some quarrels with your immediate family might upset you.

It is advised to stay calm through this phase to enjoy the harmony that the mid-year might bring. You are advised to empathize with the person's problems; be considerate to the ones you love. These simple gestures will bloom into a romantic, harmonious period around April till almost the end of the year.

At this time, your life partner will feel closer to you. And this closeness comes in handy when some stress arises due to children. Between August and October, pay extra care to your children and their health. Some tensions might crop up during November and December due to the child's health concerns.

Between April and August, your contribution to community work will increase your status. This also expands your friend circle. These new friends will be helpful as well.

Leo Health Horoscope 2022

Health could be a concern this year. From the beginning, there could be a vata effect- air and bile related challenges in your body. Some health problems due to excessive work such as reddening eyes, blurred eyesight or headaches might trouble you.

You need to be extra careful while driving your vehicle. With Saturn aspecting eighth house, some injuries and minor accidents are predicted. Around May-June, heat-related infections may trouble you. Your health and your children’s health might slow down.

It would help if you took every possible precaution about your child’s health. Keep a tab on junk food, try a healthy raw diet. Stay away from food that can aggravate the existing chronic ailments. Do not take any health discomfort easily, do schedule a consultation with your family doctor and create a fitness schedule for yourself. The middle of the year could give you a short relief.

Leo Education Horoscope 2022

Leo students might have a hard time focusing on their studies. Scoring high marks could be a far set goal. Saturn might cause distractions; you must stay focused on your academic goals through self-control and self-motivation, where Jupiter could come to the rescue.

Students appearing for competitive exams will fare after a long struggle. The last quarter of the year will put all these factors together, and there will be a success in academics and travel for IG and IB students.

Leo Horoscope 2022: Astrological Remedies

  • Offering milk to the roots of a banyan tree will bring good academic results and better health. 
  • Donating medicines or money for an eye hospital and helping visually challenged people will relieve health strain.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa. Worship Hanuman on Saturdays.
  • Meditating on the Mantra of Saturn "Om Shanishchara Namah" can also mitigate the effects of Saturn on health.