Scorpio Horoscope 2022

Scorpio horoscope 2022 indicating, The 2022 year would be a calm and relaxing year for the Scorpio moon sign. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, would be favourably positioned from the month of April in your horoscope.

Here are the major planetary transits for this year: Jupiter would enter Pisces, Fifth House from Scorpio and Rahu would be posited in Aries, Sixth House, Saturn would be in Fourth House, and Third House after becoming retrograde. Venus would be in combust from September -November.

Jupiter would aspect eighth, tenth and twelfth houses for good. This transit would bring Scorpio natives good luck and balance out ill effects from Saturn aspecting fifth and ninth houses. Other planets like Rahu and Mars also bring luck and bless you with comfortable living all through this year. All impediments you have been facing in 2021 would be removed from your path. This year, stick to your timelines at work, speak politely to family and avoid lavish spending to experience the best of 2022.

scorpio horoscope 2022

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2022

Career-wise, this year 2022 brings many signs of progress and career growth. You will be contented with your job-related changes. You will pretty much be checking every goal off your career list. From April 13, Jupiter aspects Tenth House resulting in great reverence at work and continuous cooperation of your leaders.

You will bring productive ideas and creative projects to your team; this would make your clients happy. Your capabilities will be recognized; your efficiencies will be rewarded. Saturn might throw some irregularities; this is where you must apply your integrity and passion towards your work. You should stick to your timelines and be consciously polite to your leaders & peers.

There will be good opportunities for the Job change and career progression. It is advised to be in good books with your immediate boss and other leaders.

Scorpio Money Horoscope 2022

This would be a great year with tremendous financial potential on your side. Though there might be some unplanned expenses, you will garner much financial resources this year. You will also incur expenses for home renovation or buying a new vehicle. Rahu will bring unexpected gains and new sources of income. Avoid big investments in the first part of the year.

After April, you will be able to investments in assets or jewellery. There would be a continuous flow of money. You will finally settle all the prolonged debts. Expenses would be incurred on auspicious ceremonies in the family. You will get sufficient profits through stocks. You will be able to collect the money you loaned to your friends. Entrepreneurs will sign profitable deals with new partners and foreign clients.

Scorpio Relationships Horoscope 2022

Family life looks moderate. Fights and frequent disagreements are predicted, especially around mid-year. Consulting with your family before making any financial decisions or essential life decisions would make them feel included. This could avoid most of the trivial disputes.

A family member falling sick will keep the situation busy. Relationships with your father and younger siblings might be strained. You must be calm and sensitive to their concerns.

The following politeness in such arguments can be a great help in sustaining good chords. Always try and keep the focus on preserving peace and harmony. There could be occasional moments of dissonance and incompatibility with your lover.

It is suggested to keep the good moments in purview to avoid acting on the dissonance. For the unmarried, this year will bring successful marriage proposals. Love life might culminate into marriage after a few struggles. It would help if you focused on establishing a good relationship with your children. Rahu will expand your social circle causing busy social life.

Scorpio Health Horoscope 2022

This year would be average from a health perspective. It could be favourable if you are free of diseases, but you must take special care about your health if you have chronic ailments. You might often find yourself too immersed in professional activities putting health on the back burner.

It would help if you avoided this; you should pay wholehearted attention to your health. For example, practice yoga and have only home-cooked food to avoid unnecessary health concerns. Children show good health, and your spouse might face some health issues like frequent flu or infections.

Scorpio Education Horoscope 2022

This year would be moderately auspicious for Scorpio students. You would still be placed in reputed universities and get the scholarship you have been eyeing all year. After Rahu’s transit, you must have your eye on the prize of outstanding academics.

If you are preparing for competitive exams, you will get good ranks in the second half of the year. You might travel at the end of the year, around fall, for overseas education.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022:  Astrological Remedies

  • Take water in a copper vessel, put some red rice in it and offer this water to Sun while reciting Gayathri Mantra every day.
  • Feed a black dog, crow or a black cow on Saturdays.
  • Worship Kalabhairava on kalashtamis
  • Worship Durga Devi to avoid distractions due to Rahu
  • Also, offer a saffron robe to Lord Hanuman on the day of your nakshatra.
  • Observe vrat on Poornima to sustain your financial status.