Aquarius Daily Horoscope


22 May 2024 - Aquarius : 

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the natural zodiac, ruled by Saturn, and this is the second sign ruled by this planet. The symbol of this sign is Water-bearer. It is termed as a man carrying a water pot. It is a fixed, male sign. Aquarius is the third airy sign among the three; this makes the Aquarians quick learner and intelligent. Even though predominantly ruled by Saturn, some say Uranus co-rules this sign, which makes them intelligent and has a new approach.

Mostly both men and women would be tall and slim. Men will be handsome. Women in this sign have a fair complexion and brown hair. Aquarians have a broad outlook and are innovative. The person born in this sign is filled with fresh ideas and has a way of thinking. Individuality is their strength. Even they will be unique in their dressing style, and this makes them special and peculiar. Their persistent efforts will lead them to success. The darker side of Aquarians is lazy and lethargy. Being in solitude and rigid in their views are a big threat. They are prone to difficult problems in their leg, shank n this sign, and ulcers in gums. There are also prone to skin problems.

Highly Compatible Zodiac

  • Leo
  • Sagittarius


Progressive, Independent, Humanitarian


Temperamental, Uncompromising, Aloof

Favorable Colors and Numbers

  • Light Blue, Silver
  • 4, 7, 11, 22, 29