Yearly Horoscope

It is again that time of the year to take resolutions and set new goals to rebuild our life. New year is also a time to reflect on the life lessons and a chance to implement it all to better to the New year. Every year is an opportunity to enhance the journey of life than the final destination. We step into a fresh new year every time with lots of hope and faith; a chance to meet our soulmate, hope for a job change, promotion, dreams of buying a new asset, or starting a new business venture, rebuilding physical health, and many more.. 

Vedic Astrology, based on the science of planets in the solar system that have an impact on human life has created prediction patterns and techniques to know things in our life in advance. Knowing beforehand denotes being better prepared to tackle not so great situations in life. Yearly Horoscope 2023 is a way to know solutions to your questions and validation to your hope and dreams. This horoscope features Vedic Astrology predictions for 2023 for each of the 12 moon signs. This prediction page prescribes Vedic astrological remedies to mitigate the adverse effects of malefic planets and maximize the productive effects of benefic planets. There is a list of the best months /periods in 2023 to leverage them better. Get to know the ways your life is going to change in the year 2023, the respecting planetary movements and their impact on you! With the New Year Predictions for 2023, you can make informed choices aiding confidence that you are choosing the right option for success and happiness. 

Here is a snapshot of major planetary transits in the year 2023,  

Saturn Transit

January 17, 2023, Tuesday at 8:02PM – Saturn Transit from Capricorn to Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi). Posited till 29th March 2025.   

Jupiter Transit

April 23, 2023, Saturday at 06:12AM- Jupiter Transit from Pisces to Aries (Mesha Rashi)  

Rahu Transit

October 30, 2023, Monday at 01:33PM - Rahu Retrograde Transit from Aries to Pisces (Meen Rashi) 

Actual transit as per Vedic Panchang, November 29, 2023, Wednesday 12:46AM  

Ketu Transit  

October 30, 2023, Monday at 01:33PM - Ketu Retrograde Transit from Libra to Virgo (Kanya Rashi) 

Actual transit as per Vedic Panchang, November 29, 2023, Wednesday 12:46AM. 

Mars Transit


Transit moonsign

13 March 2023, Monday

Mars Transit Taurus to Gemini

10 May 2023, Wednesday

Mars Transit Gemini to Cancer

01 July 2023, Saturday

Mars Transit Cancer to Leo

18 August 2023, Friday

Mars transit Leo to Virgo

03 October 2023, Tuesday

Mars transit Virgo to Libra

16 November 2023, Thursday

Mars transit Libra to Scorpio

28 December 2023, Thursday 

Mars Transit Scorpio to Sagittarius

Horoscope Moon signs



Aries natives will be able to reap success in various facets of life in the year 2023. You may have a great year, as your stars look quite favorable.



Taurus natives will have mixed prospects in the year 2023. However, your luck may hold good to sail through the difficult phases of this year.



2023 will be a year of success and transformation for Gemini Moonsign. All your dreams and hopes will be realised making 2023 your year.



2023 for Cancer natives might be slow and steady. This may be a year of delayed victories. Working with constant enthusiasm, self motivation will be the key to get through the year 2023.



Leo Horoscope 2023 predicts a wonderful year. Work life will be rewarding, and your skills will win highest recognition possible in your career. 



For Virgo natives, 2023 could be a mix of good and bad. You will have great career wins interspersed with minor losses. 



2023 will be an average year for Libra natives. But there will be big wins in career and business that you have been waiting for years.



According to your Scorpio horoscope, 2023 will bring remarkable life changes. You will realise many of your dreams this year.



This year, you may see some great changes in your life. You will have great influence on family and community. You will have full support from the Government authorities



2023 year will be of mixed results for Capricorn natives. Some delays are predicted this year due to Saturn’s strong presence.



2023 will be a better year for Aquarius natives. All the worries that followed you in 2022 will finally move away from you.



Professional success or entrepreneurial debut will be the best outcome of this new yea. New opportunities will crowd your doorstep.