Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 will be a better year for Aquarius natives. All the worries that followed you in 2022 will finally move away from you. You will make wonderful career choices and wise investment plans to achieve financial stability. You will try out new ideas in business and stay true to your marital or love commitments. Steady emotional quotient and powerful professional front are likely to make 2023, a good year than 2022. Here are the major planetary positions and transit for the year 2023, Saturn will move into your first house, your enthusiasm peaks and health will be great too. Jupiter in the second house will help build a great financial wealth. Rahu’s movement into third house will present some unpleasant situations in marital life. Father’s health calls for attention due to Ketu’s movement into ninth house. Love life might throw a fit, if you are married with children, children could often get onto your nerves affecting the family peace due to Ketu.  


Professional life will gear up and you may find interesting projects. You will feel new found focus and concentration when performing your work related tasks. Unemployed Aquarius natives looking for a job will get an good opportunity that allows them explore their talent. Be careful of gossips, do not indulge in office grapevine at the new job. Saturn’s transit allows you to make crucial decisions about your profession. People looking for a domain change or job change will find a high paying job due to Jupiter’s transit. May to August might be a dull phase for businesses, but it will gradually pick up from September creating a good ground for pitching new business deals. Avoid too much partying with office colleagues or business partners.  


Financial stability will be the highlight of this new year for Aquarius natives. You will grab a fantastic opportunity to invest in a variety of funds or savings plans in this year with all the new money from new job or role. You will considerable amount of wealth from the stock market. The months of June and July will be particularly financially advantageous for Aquarius natives. Some religious rituals are on cards due to Jupiter, but it will be a great time for family bonding and connection. Sun the twelfth house in the beginning of the year might bring some luxurious spendings but they will be curbed once Jupiter moves into the second house. You are likely to buy a luxury vehicle during mid year like June.  


Family life will be of mixed results. In the beginning of the year, your marital relationship will be flowing with love and romance. Especially in the months of April and May the love situation will get better. Your partner will feel valued through your incredibly romantic moments. Singles would win the heart of the love interest establishing Intimate connections with them. After Rahu’s movement there may be some issues in the love life, your social life will take precedence making your partner feel less important. There might also be scenarios where your siblings could turn against you. Your children might annoy you with their academics or behaviour. Do not act irrational or impolite, try to be a listening ear to their side of story. Simply by being understanding of their challenges you can smoother out family issues that might arise out of this. Months July, September, November, and December will be beneficial for your children. Between July and August, your marriage proposals will be accepted. Once Rahu’s moves out of your third house, you'll patch up with your spouse or partner having the best time at the end of the year, in the months of November and December. 


Good health is predicted for Aquarius natives this year. Saturn in its own house, your first house is likely to work well for you, keeping you grounded and rooted in every situation. Some busy schedules at work might cause weakness or body pains. Some undiagnosed health issues for your spouse may bring worry. Father’s health could be a challenge due to Ketu, do not leave any health discomfort unattended.  


This year, students of Aquarius moonsign will achieve good academic ranks and gain recognition from educational institutions. You may be suddenly interested in sports. You will even sign up for training the sport. People preparing for competitive examinations, will have to invest extra efforts to achieve the desired score. 

Rewarding Months in 2023: April, July, September, November, and December 

Testing Months in 2023: March, May, October, and January

  • Avoid intoxicating and addictive substances.
  • Try to negate unnecessary suspicions on others to avoid fights and arguments.
  • Donate or offer help to sanitary workers.
  • Meditate on Uma Maheshwara Stotram and observe fast on pournami tithis to reduce challenges in family life.