Aries Yearly Horoscope 2021

The year 2021 would be a promising one for Aries; this year will present you with myriad career growth and financial development opportunities. There would be a sense of optimism and enthusiasm to pitch in more effort. This would bring your ambitions a little closer. You would find challenges en route, use them as stepping stones towards your success in life. Do not take criticisms and judgements to your heart. Set achievable goals and progress towards them for a thorough success. Patience would be the survival mantra for the natives. Take life’s events as they come your way with a pinch of salt.

aries yearly prediciton


Favorable year for career shift; Don’t be Impatient; New Successful business deals and client recognition

Your professional life will a significant shift this year. Most of the time, the planetary influences over this area of your life look beneficial. Find a way to use these influences the right way. Initially, things might seem to go offline, and you would soon be on the right track if you stay committed to your goals. Your impatient nature might act up. Be calm and composed and strive for perfection in your work. This initial set back will show your challenge areas, creating a scope for you to work on it. However, be careful during February and March, as there could be a chance of someone making some trouble for your work reputation. Entrepreneurs should be watchful throughout the year. Real estate or property/wealth creation business will see great opportunities. Overall, this will be a good year, career-wise.


Good, stable financial status in the latter part of the year; No risky investments; Good Scope to clear current debts

In 2021, the house ruling finances have no major planetary influences. So, there might not be much to worry about finances if you remain within your budget, do not overspend and most importantly, save money; Try to focus on ways to clear off current debts. With your tremendous career growth, you will have a good ground for savings. As the year progresses, your financial stability would improve. Being more responsible with finances while signing up partnership deals and not over committing beyond your means will help you create a useful safety net. To sum up, stay grounded and avoid planning for the money that you haven’t earned. Stay real. This year is not the time to invest in risky finances like speculations.


Auspicious ceremonies; Desired respect and social status; Try to underplay your ego for better relationships.

2021 starts on a positive note as Planets Jupiter and Saturn combine to aspect your 4th House of home/family; there would be peace and progress at home. However, some misunderstandings and arguments might result due to Rahu. Try to control ego and hasty words as it may hurt your family. Work on improving your relationship. Post the month of April, and you will gain the desired respect and social status from your social circle. Some auspicious ceremonies will take place in your family. Unmarried singles will get prospective proposals after July 2021. Things will begin to improve by the time the end of November approaches. Your children will also perform well from November to December.


Average Health and well-being; Follow a balanced diet; Focus on food habits. 

In terms of health, 2021 indicates an average period ahead. Tiredness, fatigue, and stress are still probable due to an overabundance of work; make sure that this does not lead to further health issues. The position of shadow planets, Ketu in your eighth house and Rahu in your second house, might create digestive problems. Follow a balanced diet. This year, some bacterial infections can trouble you as well. You need to take better care of yourself and consult a doctor promptly. Get into a fitness regime possibly get your family involved, so everyone’s health is under control.


Mars guided Victory in academics; On-Campus Job placements; Success in Overseas education 

The start of the year may show mixed results. You need to speed up your hard work and keep moving forward. Competitive exams will yield better results in the latter part of the year since Mars enters your 6th House. Mars will guide you through to your Victory in academics. Jupiter's transit to your 11th House will also ensure your success in exams. There are also indications for on-campus job placements for those students who are graduating in 2021. Students planning to go abroad for further studies will get their dreams fulfilled.

  • Do not lose your temper or speak harshly to anyone
  • Avoid taking risks and do not get into any controversies.
  • Pray to Surya, the Sun God, every day; Offer water to Lord Sun every day using a copper vessel and drink this energized water for good prana.
  • Donate food to the poor and feed the priests.
  • Pray to Lord Hanuman. Chant or meditate on Hanuman Chalisa.