Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 for Cancer natives might be slow and steady. This may be a year of delayed victories. Working with constant enthusiasm, self motivation will be the key to get through the year 2023. Things can often get you worked up, reminding yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ will greatly help. Major transits for this year are- Saturn will enter your eighth house and remain placed in this house all through the year. Planet Jupiter will move into your tenth house. In the first quarter of the year, Rahu and Ketu will be in your 10th and 4th houses. Later, Rahu will transit to the tenth house of your horoscope. 


This 2023, career growth may not reach your expectations. There will be some delays in project approvals, new team movements or even promotions. Some grapevine about you at work might prevent you from concentrating on your work and timelines. Steer clear of trivial arguments or gossips with your peers. Due to influence of Saturn located in the eighth house your professional life could be a source of stress and anxiety. Working overtime weekends or pushing work hours during weekdays might become a regular routine this year. Keeping your dedication on the quality of work and undeterred motivation will benefit you. However, all this hardwork will bring great recognition at the end of the year. Some impediments are seen in business because of Saturn in the seventh house at the beginning of the year and Rahu in the tenth house. In this phase, Entrepreneurs should align their business protocols in accordance with government or federal regulations. There will be legal pressure on your business all through the year, so it is imperative to abide by laws. 


Cancer natives in 2023 will witness slow and average finances. Rahu might push you to jack up your expenses. Avoid buying things with the money you do not have. Jupiter will do some damage control. Your friends will offer financial support. At the same time, you are likely to create good karma by spending money on spiritual rituals. Between September and October you may face some financial difficulties, in addition to incurring expenses for family’s health. This will have an impact on your financial state. Around the end of November and December you will witness significant increase in finances. Real estate horoscope looks average and even in terms of new assets it may be dull. It is wise to avoid buying luxury vehicles or new property this year since Rahu and Ketu will be in your fourth house. This might not be particularly beneficial for assets accumulation. But end of the year will create chances to buy some assets. 


Couples are likely to experience conjugal bliss in the start of the year. You will be keen and attentive to your spouse’s needs/ emotions. Saturn will bring some unreasonable anger or sense of detachment in you that causes conflict in marital life. Even during Rahu’s movement, you must try patience in all levels. The fourth and tenth houses will be aspected by Rahu and Ketu while the second and fifth houses will be easily impacted by Saturn placed in the eighth house in your horoscope. Some relative may promise impossible things or confuse you with their false commitments. When Saturn transits in the eighth house and conjuncts with your fifth house, there could be some hiccups with child health state. Singles will get prospective matches, end of the year looks auspicious to get engaged.


It is important that this year you do not take anything to your heart. You should follow a well balanced proper since some stomach related health issues are foreseen. Your emotional balance might be thrown off often. You may feel irritated or disturbed for no valid reasons. Your father's health might decline 


Students will find this 2023 be the most favorable year due to Jupiter’s movement. You will find yourself focusing more than ever and score well. This is the time to invest time in learning new languages. You will get placed in favorite institutions for overseas education. There will be good network of faculties and friends who support your academic accomplishments. 

Rewarding Months in 2023: April, June, July, August, November, and December 

Testing Months in 2023: January, February, September, and October

  • Chant or meditate on Chandrasekhara ashtakam every day.
  • Donate or help people who are Observe fast on Pournami days and worship Mahalakshmi
  • Going through job crisis, you can refer them to companies you know or help them financially.
  • Feed dogs to mitigate Saturn’s negative impacts