Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2021

For Cancerians, 2021 is the time to list your long-term goals and make clear progress towards those goals at the workspace. Social and financial status will improve over the year. Relationships must be handled with utmost care since Saturn might cause some ripples. Refrain from arguments both at workplace and family life. Health could be a concern this year. Mars and Jupiter will play essential roles in your lives. Your social circle will grow; you will take an interest in social causes and Politics. Take this year as an opportunity to work on your intelligence, creativity and innovative attributes for both personal life and social community. Venture out, socialize, put your contacts/resources to fair use. Step out of your comfort zone, do not be pessimistic. Months of January, February, March, September, October will be favourable for both personal and professional life.

cancer yearly prediction


Stable Professional growth; Overseas work assignment; Mars aided High profile client deals. 

Mars in the 10th house marks an excellent beginning for professional life. You will achieve professional success. Planet Saturn in your 7th house throughout the year; though it often tests your domain expertise and patience, He will still make you grab a chance for career promotion. You may visit a foreign land to accomplish new work projects. Through the year, your work ambitions would remain your priority. Planet Mars might make you a bit aggressive and violent in your profession. Do not burn any bridges because of this newfound aggression. In addition to this, when Jupiter enters the 8th house, you might face some misunderstandings with your leaders and peers at the workplace. Always aim at compromising. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will help Entrepreneurs; your trade will witness the most prosperous period. You will sign up for high-profit deals. Your hard work and diligence without aggression will be the key to success this year.


Good financial inflow; Inheritance of assets; Avoid lavish expenses and loaning money to unknown people

Most planetary movements this year work well for your financial life. Initially, financial status looks weak. As the year progresses, you will see inflow from unexpected sources. Try to strategize a sound financial plan to accumulate these financial spikes for the future. However, some major health expenses are seen. Entrepreneurs will incur expenses that will anyway lead to their business expansion or progress. Some financial growth through inheritance (especially from the paternal side) is also foreseen. March to September predicts good financial fortune. Rahu at 11th place shows lavish expenses. It is advised to remain prudent; avoid unplanned, extravagant expenses and loaning money to friends and strangers.


Pour in extra love, care and compassion in your relationships; New addition to the family; Keep a check on what you speak, be kind. 

Relationships may need extra care, love and empathy this year. February looks like the best month for romance and love life due to Venus transit in Capricorn. Also, when Saturn and Jupiter come together in the 7th House, they will influence your 2nd and 4th House; this might render a healing window for your relationships. New weddings, other auspicious events or a new addition to your family are on the cards during this time. All through the year, you must treat your significant other with compassion and love. Some challenges are foreseen among siblings and your children. Be careful with your words, and do not hurt your spouse with your ego. Give them their freedom and their own space. This is an excellent time to unwind dominant strains at the family front. Since professional life might keep you busy, make sure to spend quality family time. Talk your heart out, establish transparency in your relationship. Married couples may be blessed with childbirth. Some auspicious ceremony will take place at home.


High alert on health and wellbeing; Inculcate Meditation and Yogic lifestyle; 

Saturn and Jupiter conjunction might cause some serious ailments. Be vigilant on the health front. The repercussions of your ill health might be seen in your business endeavours, professional life and domestic life. The only way to avoid this is to remain extremely cautious about your health. It will take great effort to keep the chronic ailments under control this year. Avoid junk food, Meditate, get regular sleep and do some light exercises. Spousal health also looks average. Do not neglect any minor health discomfort; consult your physician. Health improvement is seen only at the end of the year. Mars gives you some relief; it will give you better energy resources to stay active.


Moderate academic success; rigorous study schedule; Overseas education success during mid-year.

This year marks hard work aided academic success. Focus and Concentration look good until April. Jupiter’s transit to the 8th house might shake your focus and study time. Try to focus on your everyday tasks, studies, and try to meditate more often. Create a rigorous study schedule. Ketu moving to the 5th house might also cause distractions. Students aiming to pursue higher education, both domestic and overseas, will see success between September and November. Mid-year looks suitable for overseas education. You are advised to pay special attention to your studies during this year.

  • Recite or meditate on Shri Ganapati Atharva Shirsha continuously.
  • Wear Pearl ring.
  • Chant Jupiter’s seed Mantra 108 times every day during Jupiter Hora. This will aid you in protection yourself from health problems.
  • Visit Lord Shiva temple on Monday, offer Archana- Sound ceremony to Lord Shiva and perform Abhishek.
  • You can offer red flowers or red clothes to Planet Mars idol in Navagrahas. This will strengthen Mars for promising results.
  • Place water in a silver cup, energize this water by chanting the Jupiter seed mantra and consume it.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day, observe fast on Thursday.