Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 will be a special year for Capricorn moon signs. All the hurdles you have been facing in your life will wind down gradually. You would get a new perspective to your life. Throughout the year, you will get numerous chances to make major life-changing decisions. You would get more autonomy at the workplace. Entrepreneurs and professionals can expect good gains. Here are the major planetary positions for this year, Jupiter in the first house in Capricorn. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for a short period. Saturn will in the first house in Capricorn throughout the year. Saturn is occupying your own sign. It will work towards your good. Rahu and Ketu will be in the 5th and 11th houses. Certain challenges would occasionally be surfacing. Stick to your morale, be committed to your ideals and keep working towards your goal. Dream big and success would be yours since the year unwinds on a positive note for your sign. This year will be a boost for your self-confidence and wellbeing; it’s a reminder that the life you dream of can be achieved by sustained hard work and a little luck.

capricorn yearly prediction


Great professional energy; New ideas and new projects; Resume stagnated projects.

In 2021 you will get the desired and well-deserved success in your professional life. Your professional energy is at its best. You will be flooded with new ideas that would help you grow up on the career ladder. You will have a burning desire and great enthusiasm to achieve anything you set your mind on. You will resume stuck or stagnated projects from the past, and you will finish it on a high note. Entrepreneurs, luck will be on your side; you will make good progress in all your business deals and new sign-ups. This is a favourable period for people in the fashion or artwork industry. Some people might find the period quite demanding and stressful due to new responsibilities and job roles. Do not lose your enthusiasm. Stay motivated, continue to push yourself for better. Stay away from office gossips and rumours that might affect your reputation and creativity.


Financial fluctuations; Massive gains in the year-end; Pay hikes and business profits

2021 stars on a low note on the financial grounds but displays promises to end on a high note. Some financial fluctuations are seen in the first part of the year. You may spend money on some auspicious events from the beneficial planetary placements.
Entrepreneurs might have to invest all the money, both saved and loans, on new ideas; this might cause fluctuations. However, there will be massive success in your projects, and year-end will offer profitable returns. There would be occasional spells of luck and fortune from Jupiter and Rahu. Some of your bad loans may be written off; you might inherit a big legacy; you might get a pay hike. Save some from these spells and make sure that you stand on solid financial ground during the tough times. This is more likely in the months of January, May, and August.


Happy Marital life; Venus adds value to love and romance life; New friends and social circle.

Capricorn moon signs will experience untold freedom in their love life. Peace and harmony come in your love or marital life. There would be good romance and happy moments in your marital life. There might be phases of misunderstandings with a spouse or partner occasionally. Your Mother’s health might cause worries due to Planet Mars. Strive to bring about a cordial atmosphere in your marriage. Follow transparency. Try to do everything to the knowledge of your partner. Try to enjoy good moments together and help them in their challenges as well. This is a wonderful period for new friendships and social circle expansion. But then do choose people wisely and do not flirt or enter the unwelcome territory. Single ones are advised to use this period to forge long-lasting committed relationships and not to while away. Wedding proposals will be successful around September. Venus placed in your ascendant has a positive impact on love and romance. Your children will also grow in life. They will show great mental strength. They may go on a long-distance educational trip.


Great health and wellbeing; Caution on mother’s health; relief from existing chronic diseases

Saturn, Lord of your moon sign, will have a great impact on your health and wellbeing. You will display great mental clarity and calmness; If you are suffering from chronic illnesses, you may get some relief this year and even get completely cured of it. However, there may be some very minor health issues at the start of the year; the rest of the year can be smooth. Mother’s health might be a concern. It is generally advised to try to eat healthy, meditate, and take up some new sport. Good health is seen for your partner and children.


Academic success from undeterred focus; Do not yield to distractions; Most beneficial time- September to November 

2021 is a good year for students of the Capricorn moon sign. Planet Rahu, present in the fifth house, gives you promising results. By the grace of planet Rahu, you will do well in studies and arts; you will also be able to outdo all the challenges with ease. You will complete your studies on time and schedule. All this is possible only if you stay away from your distractions. Because Rahu will test your focus and concentration, you will reap great benefits if you win over these with Planet Jupiter. Students preparing for competitive exams will still have to work harder to achieve success. This is just at the beginning of the year. From September to November, things will get better for you. Use this period to make maximum benefits and use all the opportunities that come your way.

  • Offer sincere prayers to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays; chant Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman Jayanti Mantra.
    oṃ āñjaneyāya vidmahe | vāyuputrāya dhīmahi । tanno hanumat pracodayāt ॥
  • Plant a Pomegranate tree
  • Offer food to priests and sages and seek their blessings on Thursdays.
  • Avoid humiliating or hurting anyone at home or in public.
  • On Wednesday, feed the cow with overnight soaked Moong Dal/Lentils. This will strengthen your luck.
  • Try to donate blood on a Tuesday.