Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 year will be of mixed results for Capricorn natives. Some delays are predicted this year due to Saturn’s strong presence. Your friends or business partners may give false commitments. Apply extreme caution during asset purchases or wealth investment plans. You may meet your old friends and cement your bond with them. Major planetary positions and impacts are- Saturn’s movement to the 2nd house will accentuate your finances. Your family and relatives will be of great support in all your business endeavors. In April 2023, Jupiter will be in the 3rd house. Rahu’s movement to the 4th house along with Ketu in the tenth house. With Saturn posing some delays, Jupiter pitching in protect you from many adversities, 2023 will be a good balance of ups and downs. 


Saturn’s transit in January and Jupiter’s movement to the fourth house in April, will lead to some new changes your team. This can further delay your already delayed career growth or promotion. But your talent and hardwork will be noticed. You will add new process improvements in every new team you join and do amendments in your new projects. Do not overreact or fly off the grip for small delays at work. Due to the movement of Saturn and its aspect on your seventh house along with Venus, businesses will reach new heights. This year will welcome new entrepreneurs from Capricorn zodiac. Planet Jupiter's aspect on the seventh house will also boost your business ideas and new business ventures. You will see great progress and months October to December will witness massive success.  


In the beginning of the year, Saturn will be in the second house, along with Sun and Mercury in your twelfth house, this create many changes to earn more money. Keep a tab on your expenses since Mars will aspect on these planets. Around April 2023, there could be some situations that affect your financial stability. Jupiter and Rahu- due to the conjunction of planets, fourth and tenth house will receive bad aspect increasing expenses. It is advised to invest or utilize all the financial opportunities during Saturn transit to accumulate more wealth. Though new business investments might empty the bank this year, they will bear exponential wealth around the end of the year. Last 2 months of the year could be favorable for buying a new vehicle or real estate. November and December will be ideal to redeem your financial status.


At the beginning of the year, planets Saturn and Venus will aspect your seventh house bringing wonderful momentum to your love life. There will be strong sense of love and attraction in your married life. You will feel a sense of responsibility and accountability towards your partner. You will put their needs over yours. This will ideally strengthen your relationship for the turbulence Jupiter will bring from the month of April. Jupiter’s stay in the third also get with Rahu and the aspect on your seventh house may cause some unwanted stress. Yet there will be scope for some auspicious rituals or events in the family due to Jupiter’s benevolence. This year will work great for your children. They can grab a potentially global opportunity to move abroad for Masters that will make the family be happy and proud. Rahu’s transit also indicates a change in current location or residence. Some issues distorting the domestic peace are predicted due to Rahu. Singles may experience frustration in love matters, your love interest may seem distracted. Keep your focus on love and intimacy to fight out the silly issues. Try to be polite in your speech or clear in your words as it may lead to unwanted ego problems.  


This year you must be quite careful about your health status. You may often suffer from poor or slow digestion causing stomach issues. You should workout, practice patience and healthy diet. Exercise everyday to enjoy good physical health. Some emotional troubles due to unnecessary delay may cause stress and increase your blood pressure.  


Students will perform well in their academic assignments and examinations. In fact your creative ways of project submission or experiments will bring recognition. You will be interested in learning a new language. A popular university that you have been aiming for may give you admission with scholarship for higher studies. Adhere to your academic schedules, do not get carried away by your new friends.  

Rewarding Months in 2023: March, June, July, October, and December 

Testing Months in 2023: January, April, August, and September 

  • Sponsor education for poor and needy kids. 
  • Donate clothes or bedsheets to homeless.
  • Worship Hanuman on Saturdays and offer butter or betel leaf garland to the Lord to mitigate Saturn’s impact. 
  • Chant or meditate on Hanuman chalisa in the morning before commencing the day.