Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2021

The year 2021 will be an eventful and surprising period for Gemini. You would enjoy pursuing your passions this year, and some of your new ideas will put you in the limelight. This is a great time to realize your inner potential and display your intellect and communication skills. Though things might get super challenging at times, your wisdom and intuition will help you get over this. The challenges you might face could be due to Planet Saturn in your 8th House, Capricorn; there may be some challenges from September to November, when Jupiter returns to the 8th House of Capricorn Aquarius, on becoming retrograde. Do not let you are restless get worked up. When in two minds, always stick to basics. In short, this is a good year to invest time to enhance your creativity. Make wise choices these days. A good time to make some critical choices in life, do not procrastinate for now.

gemini yearly prediction


Work-related travel, new opportunities; Stay cautious in business partnerships; Time to hone your creativity.

This year will bring various new opportunities. Weigh in your opportunities and find out which will work best for you, and then choose it. Luck will be on your side from April till September, and this would lead to career growth at the workplace. There are strong possibilities for work-related travel when Jupiter is in your 9th House during April-September. You need to remain careful and work accordingly from September to mid-November. Jupiter will be moving to your 8th House of hurdles during the first quarter of 2021. This might cause some challenges and result in some friction between you and your leaders. Entrepreneurs must work wisely with your business partner; there are chances that your partner can possibly harm you by taking advantage of your trust. Overall, this year Art and creativity will be the keys to your success. With determination and honed skills, you will see a positive curve of growth and success at work.


Average Financial stability; Unavoidable Family expenses; Good chance to collect loaned money

2021 with the placement of Jupiter and Saturn, some major financial expenses are foreseen. However, the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius will be a sign of relief. This period will help you reap some economic benefits. The months of January, February, April, May, and September will be moderately lucky for accumulating wealth. But Rahu in 12th House might pose you with increased expenses. Only with well-thought-through financial plans will you succeed in retaining the sudden gains from Jupiter. Don’t make hasty decisions regarding real estate; sell or purchase any property with due caution. Hard work and commitment will bestow you with financial stability. Some expenses related to family welfare will be unavoidable. There is an excellent possibility to collect the money you have loaned to someone.


Favorable time to find love; Desired support from friend’s circle; Turbulences in marital life

This year is most favorable for finding love if you are single, and those who are in a committed relationship will tie the knot. Auspicious events will be scheduled at home, especially around June. Planets Sun and Mercury positioned in your 7th House during the start of 2021 may cause some negative impacts on your spousal relationship. Venus will be your guide through these relationship challenges. You might face some problems with maternal relatives. You are advised to handle things wisely and infuse harmony. This year will help you identify your true friends, friends who will stand by you. Render their full support, both on professional life and personal life. Mars in 5th House will make you super strict with your children. Do practice compassion when disciplining your children so you can build both character and a good heart.


Average Health and well-being; Practice safety guidelines during travel;

Health might be a concern this year. Saturn and Jupiter's conjunction in the 8th House and Ketu in the 6th House indicate some health problems. Some air-borne and blood-related diseases might cause trouble. This conjunction indicates the poor health of a family member from your in-laws' side. It will help if you remain aware of your food style and lifestyle. It would help if you were careful while traveling, especially when Jupiter and Saturn are posited in the 8th House together after mid-September. Pick up a sport of your liking to pursue, stay fit. Focus on keeping your social and moral values high. By staying aware, being physically fit, you stay away from all health challenges this year.


Successful year for academics; Utilize this time for discovering inborn talents; 

Success is a given for Gemini students this 2021. The months of January, February, and May will be very favorable for academics. You will do well in competitive exams. Focus on utilizing this time to learn new arts and find your inner talents. When Ketu is posited in the sixth house of your zodiac sign, there might be mild distractions and delays. Students staying overseas for studies should be careful in this phase. Focus on working harder to attain immense success during this phase.

  • Free a pair of birds on Wednesday.
  • Gift green-colored bangles or clothes to your paternal or maternal aunt or women in your paternal relations on Wednesday.
  • Chant or meditate on Mercury’s seed Mantra “oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ” during Mercury hora.
  • Chant or meditate on planet Mercury’s Mantra– OM Sri Budhaaya Namaha
  • Donate green-colored clothes to the poor and orphans on Wednesday
  • Help and sponsor older people in the community.
  • Feed crows or stray animals on Saturdays