Leo Yearly Horoscope 2023

Leo Horoscope 2023 predicts a wonderful year. Work life will be rewarding, and your skills will win highest recognition possible in your career. your professional dream and hopes will come true, this will also aid you financially. There will be auspicious celebrations in the family. You will invest time in creating romantic moments with your partner. You will gain social status and involve in deeds that offer sense of inner happiness. Major transits for you this year are- Saturn will be in seventh house. Jupiter will transit to your eighth house. Rahu will be passing through your ninth house and Ketu will be in the third house.  


Leo Horoscope foretells that the beginning of the year might look weak for entrepreneurs due to Shani, the ruler of the seventh house will posited in the sixth. Yet there will be moderate profits in business through known references. When Saturn moves to your seventh house, your business will reach great heights. Saturn in its own zodiac sign of Aquarius, benefits your business ideas and partnerships. However, your business success will be directly proportional to your hard work and efforts. Professionals and salaried people will see stable career growth. Long distance travels and meeting new clients will be a part of regular work life in this year.only thing to watch out is to avoid engaging in any non business-related activities while you are on the travel, especially between January and April. 


Leo Natives will enjoy favourable financial state all around the year. Hold your horses on investments until the month of April for Jupiter’s transit. After Jupiter moving to the ninth house on April 22, it can strengthen your financial situation. You will have absolute support and assistance from Saturn as well. From the seventh house, they both will bless luck and activate your financial prosperity. This year, April to June and November till December look crucial to make most of financial gains. Mid of August month will create chances to sell the long pended real estate or vehicle. Luxury cars or building a new home or buying a piece of land, everything related to assets look great this year. Major Profits from speculation and day trading are foreseen. You may even attract huge money. New investments plans will be created. 


Leo's marriage horoscope for 2023 looks very lucky with mild turbulence in the start of the year. Saturn's influence will recede some opportunities of family vacations. This phase can also potentially play your ego, avoid silly fights, and choose well being of your significant other to sustain love in your marriage. After April, you will feel confident to woo your partner or potential love match. From April 22, 2023, when Jupiter enters your ninth house your proposal will be accepted by the other side. In marital life, issues prevailed so far would naturally settle. Additionally, your in-laws' will be very respective of you. Your families will get along well. There will be wonderful news regarding your children and their education. You will particularly benefit from pilgrimages and enrolling in spiritual courses. During the months of November and December, newly married couples will be blessed with happy news of progeny.  


Career success and joy will have a positive impact on your physical health. There could be some anxiety or blood pressure but can be well managed by including yoga and physical workout activities. You will enjoy good energy levels and mental peace. Until April, there may be simple health challenges quite often like headache or fever, flu for family members. 


This year academics look great. You will receive great appreciation and recognition from your teachers and family. In 2023, you may actually do well in extracurricular activities like sports or arts. You will bring rewards and glory to your educational institution. Doing well in academics in addition to excelling in co curricular will delight everyone around you. 

Rewarding months in 2023: January, March, May, June, September, and December 

Testing months in 2023: February, April, July, and November

  • Chant or meditate on Aditya Hrudayam on Sundays to receive the grace of Lord Surya
  • Donate yellow colored clothes to the needy to appease Jupiter for grand blessings.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Ayyappa on Thursdays. 
  • Helping or sponsoring education for poor children is also advised.