Leo Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 will be a year of great opportunities and progress for moon sign Leo. Your charm and wits will help you get things done. Planet Mars in the 9th House will favor your luck and bring good fortune during the beginning of the year. Rahu in 10th House, along with Mars, will help you frontline your talent. You will meet new people, and this helps you in your prospects. Jupiter’s influence on your 2nd House of wealth will bring new wealth while in Capricorn during the year. Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th House, might cause some challenges. Relationships might demand higher commitment this year. Do not settle with your routine life; extend your horizon, take risks and use all the opportunities that come your way.

leo yearly prediction


Great start to Professional life; Entrepreneurs should care for their workers; Some turbulences during the last part of the year.

Major Career initiatives will come your way because of the planets being favorably positioned. Your performance will be at its peak, and you will manage your time effectively than before. There might be a small phase of stagnancy in the middle of the year in your professional life. Mars will help you show interest and succeed in your family’s business this year. When the year progresses, you must be more vigilant. Some troubles might lurk around. Some colleagues may create obstructions for you. Be cautious during the last quarter of the year in your relationship with your leaders and peers at the workplace; please remember this not a time to take head-on, especially authorities or leaders. Entrepreneurs will incur some productivity challenges. New business deals will materialize after a delay. Stay in a good relationship with your workers; there are chances that they might quit. Keep a low profile during these challenges and aim at cordial relationships. However, Jupiter will protect you in your career. Despite strong storms, Leo will sail through this year unscathed.


Moderate Financial status; Curb unnecessary expenses; No much luck in speculative gains

You might face ups and down in your monetary status. The second half of the year might cause some relief. Rahu might present you with some shortcuts to make money, don’t fall for it. April will prove to be the luckiest for you, and the money inflow will increase as you will stumble upon new sources of making money. If you make the right move, you will be able to accumulate a respectable amount of wealth. Investing in speculations and risky investments is not advisable during this year. Health expenses might deplete your wealth. Between April till September, costs may increase towards the Healthcare of your family members or other domestic responsibilities. If you are considering big investments in 2021, you should step forward with utmost care. Investing in Gold and real estate might work well for you. Entrepreneurs are advised to invest less in business ventures as some delay is foreseen in new deals. Try to curb unnecessary expenses.


Average marital life; alert of parent’s health; Good time to bond with your children or Younger siblings; Singles will meet their possible life partner this year;

Your relationships can be demanding this year. Ketu in your 4th House might cause arguments about domestic challenges; lack of understanding will cause fights at home. Be open discuss your concerns and worries with your partner. Be optimistic, and you can win over your love with your warmth. However, this year favors the single Leos. You would be able to meet someone who can connect well with you. Try not to attach too much meaning immediately. Give yourself some time and decide. Do not give priority to finances and career. Take some time out for love and family life. When in a time crunch in due professional life, make sure that your partner is tolerant. Try to spend ample time with family. The health of parents can be a cause of concern. Jupiter in your 6th House will influence the House of the family with its 9th aspect, and this can bring some relief. Your bond with your children and younger siblings will improve; they will respect and look up to you. Children of the Leo moon sign will reap success in every phase of life. Their success will also be the reason for your happiness.


Extra caution on health and wellbeing; Parental health alert;  

It would be best if you took extra care of your health this year. Some diseases associated with arms, stomach, and Kidneys are foreseen. You will feel hyperactive at one point in time, and other times, you might end up feeling exhausted even for the slightest physical activity. It would be necessary to take your health and well-being seriously. Those who already have diabetes must take due care of their food style. To maintain a good balance, munch on veggies and fruits rather than resorting to high calories carbs. Try not to be overexerting, both physically and mentally. Take ample rest and rejuvenate. Stress needs to be kept under control; otherwise, this might add up to health issues. Prevention is better than cure; visit your doctor occasionally. If you take care of your health, your health issues will only be temporary.


Mediocre academic success; Desired job opportunity in the year-end; Delays in Visa and scholarship programs

This 2021 is a period of mixed results for students. Be patient and work hard. Follow a rigid schedule for studies and co-curricular activities. You may get the necessary support and cooperation from your university staff and professors. You can succeed in competitive exams during January-April and September-October. Students who are graduating this year might not land the desired job initially. However, it is advised to gain on job experience and be on the lookout for the job of your choice. Mid-September to mid-November should be a good time for you to get that desired job opportunity. There might be some delays in the visa process or in the university scholarship or sponsorship process.

  • Feed bulls (Nandi) with wheat or dough balls to reduce the negative impact of Rahu.
  • Respect your father and paternal relatives. Take blessings of father or some elderly member of the family that will protect you from planets' ill impacts.
  • Offer Sincere prayers to Sun every day and perform Surya Namaskar, Chant Surya Ashtakam.
  • Donate mustard oil to an orphanage on a Saturday.
  • Observing fasts on Thursdays 
  • Offering water to the Peepal tree and meditate under the tree in the morning twilight.