Libra Yearly Horoscope 2023

2023 will be an average year for Libra natives. But there will be big wins in career and business that you have been waiting for years. There may be some turbulence in love life. This year’s major planetary positions and transits are- Saturn’s will be passing through the 5th house; Rahu will be moving to your 7th house and Ketu will be transiting and posited in first house. Jupiter will be transiting to your 6th house. These major transits and planetary positions may not always bring favourable results for you. You may go through some challenges through your spouse and children. This year, go submissive during heated arguments, let go of your ego, and respect other’s needs to avoid most conflicts. You can also go on pilgrimages and perform homas to reinstate peace in your life.  


Libra natives will get wonderful opportunities this year, and you should make most use of them since they will be very limited during the year. These great opportunities will also ensure you do overtime or extend work to weekends to complete your projects successfully. Yet, these projects will add laurels to your career growth. Some peers at work may present unnecessary situations that could lead to egoistic arguments. Business entrepreneurs will have limited scope for business expansions. Do not plan on new business ideas without having enough funds or sponsors. You will receive a great opportunity during the months of October and December to demonstrate your entrepreneurial abilities. You must avoid negligence or oversight in paying taxes or other federal payments due to Rahu. Both private sector and Government officials are likely to be transferred to locations of their choice that has been long pending.   


Financially, this may be an average phase. Most expenses this year will likely be for domestic purposes like home décor and gadgets for personal needs. Track your expenses and avoid making impulsive purchases especially on gadgets. Cut down on expensive and excessive spendings on gadgets. You may see great results in speculative activities, it is advised to create investment channels in speculative gains for future. Months between May and July will see most financial traction, you may purchase or sell real estate resulting in wealth accumulation. Rahu entering Pisces on October 30, 2023, which is your sixth house, will greatly influence your fortune. During this phase, you will defeat all your enemies and make most money. Litigations and legal battles will be easily won, those who have been opposing you will be restrained.  


Single Libra natives could find your soul mate this year; you will tie the knot towards the end of the year 2023. People looking for matrimonial matches will come across suitable marriage alliances. Married life will be smooth with interspersed emotional challenges. Try to be open and transparent with your partner. Avoid ego and disrespectful attitude towards your spouse. Couples will experience good finances and prosperity leading to a luxury vacation or tour. Due to Rahu and Ketu in 7th and1st houses, there may be toxic and unhealthy folks in your social circle. Steer clear of them even if you get slightest idea of their toxicity. Sometimes this can affect your family life too. Under the influence of Jupiter and Rahu, from April 2023 you must be very watchful of your relationships. There could be health issues for children due to Saturn in the fifth house, their academics could also slow down a bit.   


This year, you must pay attention to your diet and physical activities. Undiagnosed health issues that you had suffered in the past years are likely to recur. Ensure you always take your food on time and get enough sleep regardless of work schedules or personal life. Including iron-rich food and Vitamin C to your diet will boost your health. Spouse health looks better, children may suffer sudden health issues.  


This year is an ideal year for Libra students due to Jupiter’s transit. This year works well to hone your skills and to join short-term skill courses that can boost your resume or profile to apply for masters. You will perform well in your final year examinations. You may have to focus on communication and language skills.  

Rewarding Months in 2023: January, March, October, and November. 

Testing Months in 2023: April, August, September. 

  • This year, you will benefit the most of you worship Venus and Mahalakshmi; on Fridays, observing fast and meditating on Shri Lakshmi during Venus hora will bring good.
  • Recite or meditate on Shri Suktam every day.
  • Offer Tulsi garland (Holy basil) garland and yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu or Venkateshwara on Thursdays.
  • Donating good quality clothes or cosmetics to women is prescribed. 
  • Perform Venus homa or Shri Lakshmi puja.