Libra Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 brings good news, a new ray of hope and positive changes. This period will pump you with solid energy and motivation, keeping your life stable and empowered. Most of the times, you will be in a happy mood, and you will be able to make good lasting impressions with everyone you come across. A spirit of abundance will embrace you. You’ll be attracted to beautiful artistic materials. Your financial condition looks stable, and your career will be thriving. Saturn will help your career; Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will also work towards your progress. When Jupiter moves to Aquarius, i.e. your 5th house, there might be a few challenges as this movement would also influence Saturn in your 4th house. Your health and Your mother’s health might be a concern. At the same time, this period might bring some maternal inheritance. Mars might cause some mild tides in your love life, but Venus will come to your rescue. Overall, this year is a significant period to set up some long-term plans for your future. If you focus and plan, your long-time dreams in life can take shape—prosperity and happiness overflow both at home and workplace.

libra yearly prediction


Thriving Professional life; Hardwork and Luck are on your side; New high paying job opportunity. 

Professional life looks thriving. Planetary positions will bring positive influences on your career. It will provide immense motivation and enhance your networking skills to build a great circle at the workplace. Saturn will provide energy to work hard, and at the same time, Jupiter will bestow gains and steady progress. So, this year hardwork and luck are on your side. This will take you places. You will achieve great results between June and July with the help of planet Mars. This might make you aggressive. Avoid harsh behaviour, stay cool and calm while handling clients and peers. Entrepreneurs will receive the required funding for business expansion and overseas clientele. You might not incline towards partnership; you will love autonomy and greater independence. Professional success will bring happiness to your life. Jupiter’s movement to Aquarius might cause some mild challenges, and the hardwork you have invested so far will help you get over it.


Good inflow of money; Inheritance from maternal family; No major expenses

Finances look stable. There would be a good inflow of money from many resources but rely only on legitimate ones. Beware of the help since there is a chance that they might entice you. Though there are no major expenses seen this year, you are advised to play it safe. Try to remain on solid ground; do not overrun your planned expenditure beyond your means. Things might slow down around the middle of the year. Rahu and Jupiter will bring back luck and fortune with ease. You will inherit wealth from the maternal side or from your in-laws. Good profits are seen for Entrepreneurs, and investors will also be happy about their financial status. You will end the year with good financial backing if you are wise with your expenditure and planning. This year brings boundless optimism to your financial dealings.


Average Marital life; Make efforts towards commitment and understanding your spouse; Focus on the maternal relationship.

Marital life looks average. Your busy work schedule and your mother’s health might cause create some distance or issues with your partner. Do not yield to false illusions; be committed to your partner or spouse. You might spend more time with your recuperating mother. Your commitment and understanding would be much needed to resolve issues on board. Saturn and Mars might fester this situation. However, Jupiter comes to the rescue. Relationships with your siblings and children look good. September favours lovers to tie the knot. February and December hold good for singles looking for partners. You will develop a cordial relationship with your father, or you can use this time to burst any existing stress or strain in this connection. Take time to create wonderful family connections and strengthen bonds.


Avoid addiction to bad habits; High alert on Mother’s health; Handle sharp objects with caution.

Your busy professional life might be a cause of immense stress. Mental restlessness and the mother's health will affect you. Although no significant ailment will bother you this year, taking care of your health will be your responsibility. You are advised to consider your fitness and wellbeing seriously. It would be best if you avoided any addiction to bad habits. High alert while handling sharp objects and weapons. Months of February, March, and April will be perfect as the planets' favourable position may enhance your energy level, health, and wellbeing.


Academic success; Higher concentration; Be choosy about new friends

This year looks fortunate for academic growth. Students will have improved concentration, and your mind will be highly engaged in studies; If you are planning for pursuing higher education, this year seems good. You will get the desired scholarship and universities. Students preparing for competitive exams will make significant progress. Be choosy about your friends and make sure you contribute to each other’s academics. From months May till August, you will reap the benefits of your dedication and hard work. You will also receive recognition and appreciation from your teachers and professors.

  • Feed cows and, if possible clean their sheds.
  • Chant “Om Sri Shukraya Namaha” every day and especially on Fridays and Venus Hora.
  • Try to declutter your house. Light lamp and incense sticks in the South-East corner of your home.
  • Help women in your family, your mother, wife, sisters, and female coworkers.
  • Plant Tulsi plant on Friday at home or in a temple.
  • Donate rice and milk to the temple or to the needy on Friday. Observe fast on Fridays.