Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2023

Professional success or entrepreneurial debut will be the best outcome of this new yea. New opportunities will crowd your doorstep. your domain expertise and communication skills will bring great recognition at workplace. Try to maintain consistency in your work for grand success. Your impulsive tendencies with the new financial stability may lead to money loss. You may have to exert more effort to complete your domestic tasks. Your health will be fine but there will be too many things handle both at professional front with the new job and domestic life. Here are the major planetary transit and impacts- Saturn’s movement towards the 12th house will bring wealth from foreign lands. Jupiter’s transit in the 1st house in April signifies good health and spiritual seeking for Pisces natives. There will be good luck and divine protection from your stars from various losses this year. Rahu’s transit in the 2nd house can bring sudden gains or losses along with some challenges in marital life. Ketu’s movement to the 8th house can bring some frustrations and chances of accidental injuries. Mars transit will aid some wisdom during this phase of frustration.  


Start of the year will be good for professional life. You will remain committed to your work goals. You will win over your business opponents with ease. Your attempts to change teams or switch jobs will be fruitful between the months of March and April. Time between months May to August, due to Rahu’s transit there are chances of losing your job for inappropriate comments/ behaviour with a female coworker. It is advised to go through these months with extreme caution. Months May to August, there might be a mild decline in your business and it could get challenging to hold onto existing clients. Things will begin to pick up starting from September and your business profits will flourish in the months November and December. At times you may find yourself deep in a mental state of vacuum or stillness that could hinder you from completing your new projects. Practice meditation to channelise this stillness to attain better focus. 


Financially, this year might be a good year. You will be interested in investing your new money from new job or promotion in this period. Due to Jupiter's movement in the second house and Mars' positioned in the fourth house will present good opportunity of purchasing real estate. Your past investments will also bear fruits creating window for home renovation or costly buys for domestic needs. Your savings and money flow will be healthy. Post July, there might be unexpected and unanticipated expenses reducing the big number in the bank. Friends may take some financial support from you.  


Love and family life will be of mixed results. You will begin the year with a happy time with your family. Your partner will cherish you for your kind nature and simplicity. Singles will find a suitable marriage alliance this year however due to Rahu’s movement you must inquire everything before finalising the matrimonial match. Married Pisces natives will have a wonderful time until Rahu’s transit. After Rahu’s movement, around June, your must stay away from possible extramarital relationships because it can end up having a traumatic effect in your marriage life. Your efforts in instilling the morale and discipline in your children will be successful. Avoid going overboard with strictness. Some auspicious rituals in family increases in your expenses after Jupiter’s movement. Avoid any type of disregard or conflict with your siblings between the months of April and August. The general mood in the family will be upbeat towards the end of the year.  


Good health and well being is predicted in this year. There could be mild issues with blood pressure or nervous system. Due to heavy workload from new job or overwork from business ventures you may miss on healthy diet. Practising meditation and regular workout ensures continued good health. You must exercise utmost caution while driving or other forms of commute.  


This academic year, students will focused and confident than usual. You will score better ranks and get expected results. You will make successful plans for your masters or higher education. You will motivate your friends circle to improve their efficiency. Try to seek advice from your faculties or teachers before applying for educational programs in institutions.  

Rewarding Months in 2023: December, January, May, June, August, and November. 

Testing Months in 2023: February, April, July, and October. 

  • Offer sweets to elders on Thursdays for blessings.
  • Seek blessings of saints, gurus and your teachers.
  • Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy on thurdays and offer garland made of chickpeas.
  • Take your parents’ advice and wisdom from family elders.
  • Donate academic materials like notebooks, stationery like pens, pencils to poor school students.