Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 will ensure that most of the expectations and desires of Pisces moon signs are met. All your creative ideas will be rewarded and acclaimed this year. You will experience spiritual and personal upliftment.

You would be able to channel your energy in positive directions. Here are the major planetary positions for this year. Jupiter will be in the 11th house in Capricorn. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for a short period. Saturn will also be in the 11th house in Capricorn throughout the year.

Rahu and Ketu will be in the 3rd and 9th houses. Your confidence level and perseverance will grow. Limitless opportunities will come your way; use them the right way and try to climb up to higher levels. You will be blessed with academic success and professional betterment.

Try to resort to social and charity works intermittently. Try to bring a smile to everyone you meet. Do a kind deed for peace of mind and harmony in life. Enjoy this year with your whole heart and soul.

pisces yearly prediction


Happy professional life; Increased productivity and creativity; Entrepreneurs will have definite success.

2021 will be optimistic on the professional front. There would be new avenues for development on your career path. At the same time, you would have a fair share of challenges as well.

This is a lucky time for your career, but you should also keep in mind to be in good books with your leaders and peers. It will be beneficial for you to do so. Your hard work and creativity will be recognized; you will be blessed with the promotion or pay hike.

Your productivity will increase your reputation at work. Do not procrastinate or take any task lightly. Make sure that you work smart and give your best. Overseas work-related travel looks positive between April to September. Job-related relocation will bring happiness, along with a big fat pay hike.

This year is going to be very favourable for Entrepreneurs. Business expansions and setting foot in new venture deals are recommended since they will yield definite success. As the year progresses, there would be great changes in your career path. Be spontaneous to embrace changes and compromises that come your way.


Stable Money inflow; Monetary benefits through Spouse; Control your expenditure

Jupiter, the planet of wealth and fortune, is placed in a favourable position, so this year will be a good chance for improving your lifestyle and financial status. And you would plan for some long-term investment as well. Lord Saturn will be placed in the 11th house.

This can lead to the creation of permanent sources of income for you. This will result in a stable financial condition throughout the year. Mars in the second house will also help towards financial stability.

When Jupiter moves to the 12th house, there might be some hiccups, and there will be a rise in your expenses during this period. This can cause some mental stress. You need to take special care of your money decisions here. Between April and May, you may get entangled in litigation and court cases; however, it will help you financially.

Your spouse might be a channel for wealth through inheritance or their professional success. Regardless of some minor setbacks, this is a good year for financial growth. Take control of your expenditure and worship Planet Jupiter for quick relief from challenges.


A short separation from family due to work; Keep a tab on your temperament; Moderately happy marital life;

Relationships will have mixed results this year. Temporary separation is on the cards owing to familial or professional commitments. Rahu’s placement in the 3rd house can cause trouble for relationships. Peace and happiness in the family might be shaken. Your siblings may face some problems and expect your support. The health of your parents can also be a source of concern. April and May might cause some rift between couples. Try giving them their due time and attention; this would work wonders in a relationship in the long run. It is highly advised to keep a tab on your general temperament as it might meddle with your relationships at large. The single ones would find an appropriate partner. Married couples will settle down in a cosy atmosphere assisted by their partner. Your spouse’s success in bringing wealth into your family or their career growth will make you proud. Rahu can also cause some distractions in your children, affecting their academics.


Good health and wellbeing; Look out for lethargy and obesity; take care of your parents’ health.

The planetary positions for the year 2021 promise good health and well-being. You would be highly immune to any illnesses. Planet Mars might diminish your energy levels and make you sluggish. Choose some physical activity occasionally, and keep yourself mentally active. Saturn might bring periodic attacks of health discomforts like digestive issues, obesity. Preventive measures and medical intervention are advised. Get physically active, pursue outdoor sports of your interest. Find ways to keep your immune system busy all through the year.
The health of your immediate family looks good. Mild challenges in your parents’ health is foreseen.


Delays in overseas education; mixed results in academics; hardwork and dedication assisted success

This year, your academic graph is likely to face several ups and downs; you are advised to keep faith in your hard work, concentration and dedication. These elements will aid the desired results. Saturn and Rahu might cause distractions and diminished focus. Jupiter will come to your rescue; it can prevent lethargy and distraction. April- May and August – September seems beneficial for competitive exams. This year is most suitable for students aspiring for higher education. Your dream of attaining higher education can be fulfilled this year. Overseas higher education might face severe delays and partial success.

  • Keep a yellow-coloured handkerchief in your pocket to get positivity from Jupiter.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman can be very fruitful for you.
  • Fill an earthen vessel with mustard oil on Saturday and donate it to the temple after seeing your reflection on that oil. This ritual is called Chaya Daan and is said to eliminate all the troubles from Saturn.
  • Offer food to priests and donate yellow colour things like turmeric, yellow lentils, and ghee.
  • Chant or meditate on Jupiter's seed mantra "Om Strim Brahm Brihaspataye Namah" Mantras must be chanted or recited with unwavering devotion and motivation.