Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2023

This year, you may see some great changes in your life. You will have great influence on family and community. You will have full support from the Government authorities. You may decide to upskill yourself by signing up for new courses to keep your professional success intact. Your productivity and energy will increase at work. You are likely to be on constant travels for business. Your social life could be of many fun elements making you, the life of the party. This year, an auspicious event may happen in your family. Major planetary positions for 2023 are- Saturn will be in your third house at the beginning of the year. Rahu and Ketu will transit in Pisces and Virgo respectively which is the fourth and tenth house of your horoscope. Rahu’s movement will have great impact on your family and love life. Jupiter will be transiting to the fifth house aspecting ninth, eleventh and first houses in your chart.  


With Saturn’s movement into your third house, you may comfortably achieve more wins in your professional life. You will be working harder than usual but with joy and enthusiasm you will also boost your self confidence. Professional success ensures promising business growth and expansions. Jupiter in the fourth house will set you up for great professional accomplishments. Your career performance will be excellent and your organisation will get global attention. Your leaders and peers will praise you. Business partnerships will extend their unending support to your new ideas. Online Businesses will thrive and reap great deal of customers. You may befriend government employees which bring great reputation to your firm. Avoid business shortcuts and risky decisions to get ahead in bidding for business deals. This year, career and business will be filled with great positivity and success.  


This 2023, finances will witness mixed fortunes and moderate monetary stability. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will strengthen finances and plans of acquiring wealth through an ancestral property look feasible. Proper planning for investments and tracking expenses will be the need of the hour before signing up for new finances or purchases. Although there will not be much money anxiety or financial worries, you must focus on maintaining your financial stability. Speculative Investments may yield less gains now. Constant travel can often land you in buying luxurious souvenirs that can deplete the bank account. Gadgets for domestic use or poorly executed home renovation are likely to be major expenses in the year 2023. Do not splurge money on friends or on social life. Planets Ketu and Jupiter will be supportive of your finances and often distract you from break your piggy bank.  


Married life will be joyful and romantic. With Rahu’s movement from the 5th house, you may experience some hiccups in love life. Your partner or spouse may think of breaking it off with you. In April, Jupiter and the Sun will move in to your fifth house along with Rahu who joins later, this alliance of the Sun, Jupiter and Rahu can break your love life. There could be an intervention of an outsider in your marital or love life. This can cause friction and the tension might last till October. After Rahu moves, your relationship will resume to be strong. be patient and kind during this phase and worship Jupiter for blessings. Ketu’s transit in 2023 will save you from bad and notorious company sowing seeds of spiritual seeking. Your children will reap many academic laurels and bring pride to the family. Singles will receive great marriage proposals, and your family may zero in on one of them for a marriage alliance post Rahu’s movement out of fourth house. 


Health and well being well be stable all through the year. However there could be mild tension and work-related stress that can make you feel weak. Following pranayama practice and a strict healthy diet to keep up the mental peace are suggested. Your parents might have a small health scare. You may need to perform regular health check-up to keep a tab. 


Your knowledge will inspire other students and your thirst for learning new skills will win your teacher’s admiration. You will decide to learn divine arts and Vedic sciences this year. Students waiting for post graduation scholarships will be successful in grabbing desired universities. Months January, February, March, then August and September will bring good chances for pursuing higher education in foreign land. People writing competitive exams will have to be confident and patient until September.  

Rewarding Months in 2023: February, May, June, September, and November 

Testing Months in 2023: March, July, October, and December 

  • Wear shades of yellow, orange or red on important days for added luck.
  • Chant beej mantra planet Jupiter on Thursdays and worship Dakshinamurthy continuously throughout the year.
  • Feed green fodder and jaggery to cows especially at temple premises.