Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2023

According to your Scorpio horoscope, 2023 will bring remarkable life changes. You will realise many of your dreams this year. You will get great opportunities to go abroad for business deals. You will experience a new breath of freshness, change and vitality in all arenas of your life. You will enjoy achieving success in everything you do. Major planetary positions for 2023 are- Saturn will be in your fourth house. Rahu will be in Aries when Jupiter transits to the same sign in April 2023 which is the sixth house for Scorpio. Around October 30, 2023, Rahu will commence its retrograde motion and enters Pisces which is fifth house from your sign. At the beginning of the year, the ruling planet of Scorpio- Mars will be in retrograde posited in your seventh house and moves to your eighth house in the month of March 13, to your ninth house around May, and your tenth house in the month of July 1. Then moves to your eleventh house in the month of August, to your twelfth house in November, and finally reaches your second house around the end of the year in December. 


2023 will be a great phase for work related progress. Professional growth will reach highest pinnacles. Your new ideas and creative skills will allow you to realize longtime professional dreams. Your professional impulses and creativity will be much appreciated by your leaders. Your dedication to quality and adherence to timelines may bring you the recognition that you deserve. Success will be a given in most of your professional endeavours. You will get wonderful new job opportunities, can even relocate to foreign countries. Business will advance financially and find new client deals. Multiple new business opportunities could come your way. You will sign up new partnerships. With Rahu in the sixth house, you will be able to defeat your professional enemies. Career growth and success bring a surge of new energy. 


Professional progress will ensure happy and peaceful financial status. You will buy real estate and luxury vehicles in 2023. Jupiter’s movement from your 5th house will bestow monetary benefit. However, after April 22, you must be wary of every financial decision. But Rahu as he controls the 6th house you will get unexpected money gains will keep you joyful. All your financial needs will be met. Speculative investments that have been lying low on returns are likely to bring good gains. You will also recover from loans or long pending dues from friends and relatives. Ketu controlling the 12th house renders great deal of involvement in spirituality. This might shoot up expenses due to pilgrimages and rituals.   


This year, your family relationships and marital life will have the best year. Your bonding in your love life may become stronger. Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house being seated in the fifth house at the beginning of the year and Saturn being visible from the third house indicates your soulmate could come into your life to make your love life thrive. Single Scorpios, all your efforts in winning the heart of your beloved will be successful during this time. You will be eager to prove your love and worth to your lover. Married natives will enjoy stronger emotional relationships with your partner and family. The harmony between you and your spouse will be in good sync. Some trivial conflicts are foreseen between May and August. A polite and calm approach towards your spouse/partner can avoid traumatic experiences in relationships. Additionally, there be an impulsive need in you to be tense and conflicting, you must consciously avoid the emotion or acting on it. 


Rahu's placement in the sixth house and Saturn’s third aspect on the sixth house after January 17, 2023 will pose some health issues like headache, bone health issues. During this time, it is advised to take up yoga, eat healthy food, and practice ‘pause and act’ on all your decisions. Try to boost your immunity. All of a sudden you may find yourself being prone to dust allergies.  


School students will perform very well in academics. You may gain a deep and good understanding of your favourite subject. College goers will be more keen on cocurricular activities and winning competitions. You will improve your practical knowledge this year to elevate your resume. Your bravery and courage could bring you reward and recognition this yea. Some of you may receive sponsorship or scholarship from overseas educational institutions.  

Rewarding months in 2023: January, March, August, September, and October 

Testing months in 2023: February, April, November, and December

  • Worship Lord Kalabhairva on Mondays and Ashtami tithis.
  • Offer prayers to ancestors on Amavasya tithis.
  • Donate clothes and footwear to the needy to receive blessings from Planet Saturn