Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 will be a successful year for the Scorpio Moon sign. Your intuitive power will be at its peak. This year promises to enrich both your physical and mental life. Your creativity would bring you to the limelight. You will connect with your long-time friends and relatives. Here are the planetary positions for the year,  At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be in the 3rd house in Capricorn. Jupiter will be retrograde and progressive for a short period during the year. Saturn will also be in 3rd house in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu and Ketu in 7th and 1st houses. This year is full of opportunities to establish your respect and status in society. It is advised to take things slow and steady, plan and take one progressive step at a time, and not rush into things and relationships. Patience is a virtue you must cultivate. Work towards ensuring a secure future for you and your dependents this year, with massive success being in store for you.

scorpio yearly prediction


Successful career; Work-related international travels; relocation and promotion on cards

Success in your Professional life will be based on your powerful sense of intuition and creativity. Since 2021 will have a great impact on these aspects of your life, your career will be successful as well. Career growth, relocation, and pay hikes are on the cards. Overseas projects will be assigned to you. You might travel to work. Entrepreneurs will also gain overseas contracts. More responsibilities might come on you. Freshers seeking a job would find job opportunities that suit their capability and taste. You would achieve every milestone in your career through your hard work and commitment. This year will help you bring a lot of balance to work. You will be named as one of the efficient and impactful team players in the workplace. It would be best if you trusted in your skillset and put in your best efforts so you can improve your tidings this year.


Significant inflow of money; Auspicious events at home; Chance to clear off debts

This year, you might find that money comes to you in every possible way and from unexpected resources. If what you seek is abundance, this year will bless you with that. If there are some litigation pertaining to inheritance, there are chances that the decision will be in your favour. Along with good financial benefits, an increase in your expenses is seen. Some friends might take advantage of your economic benefits. You need to move with caution from January through March so that no-one will deceive you financially. When you move into April, you will enjoy a strong financial period with Jupiter moving into Capricorn. Rahu in 7th House works well to acquire some wealth through your life partner/business partner. You can also clear off any debts that you have incurred for business. Some religious or auspicious events will be organized at home. Most expenses you might incur this year will be for something auspicious. Months of July and August will prove to be beneficial for you.


A dull start in marital life; Phenomenal success in your child’s life; love rekindles in the year-end

This year will take off on a dull note for family life. One of your parents might fall sick. This might cause some turbulences in marital life. However, during April-September and from mid-November onwards, your domestic life will get much better due to Jupiter in your 4th house. This will make your family life calm, positive, peaceful, and stress-free. Guests and relatives will bring good news. Your relationship with your children and younger siblings will remain favourable. Your children will achieve their aims this year; they will be phenomenally successful during the months of September to November. It is important to keep a constant flow of communication and speak out your thoughts. Don’t let doubts overpower your relationship and maintain mutual trust. The time period from March to April proves to be strong for people in love and will bring good results in your love life.


Good health and well-being; Caution on parents’ health; Meditate and Practice yoga;

Health looks good. Your parents’ health could be of concern. Some stress is expected because of this. Try to meditate and practice yoga to overcome stress and tension; this should also help you keep the creativity going on. Ketu might bring some mild physical discomfort, but Jupiter will help you steer clear through this. The health of the spouse and children look good.


Average academics; newfound interest in co-curricular activities and arts; 

Scorpio students must work hard this year to see success. Your creativity will enhance. You will be interested in creative writing, painting and other artistic fields of education. Your hard work and will-power can only help you reach your goals. The year beginning looks lucky for those appearing for competitive exams. January–April and September to November will also work well for students who want to pursue higher education. Your family will stand by you all through your hard times and will encourage you when you want to shift gears towards expressing your artistic, creative side.

  • You should worship your deity, Lord Hanuman.
  • Wear sandalwood paste on your forehead before starting any important task or while appearing for exams.
  • Pray to Lord Shiva every day and chant the Mantra 'OM Nama Shivaya' or meditate on this mantra during twilight time. 
  • Observe fast on Mondays or Saturdays
  • Organize Rudrabhishek Puja in your home.
  • Donate money to nursing homes or sponsor some elderly's health expenses.