Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 will be full of ups and downs for Taurus natives. You need to stay focused and strengthen your internal morale. This would take you places this year. Lord Saturn's aspect on your moon sign will work well in professional life and test business natives. As a result, the duration of April to September will bring you immense success. 2021 is not-so-favourable for your own health due to the placements of Rahu and Ketu. Auspicious durations for Taurus native this year will be January, the first fortnight of April, from May to the last week of July, and the month of September. This year will encourage you to be more open to changes, and your instinct will help you make the right call when you are indecisive about where to position your capabilities. A moderately good year for Taurus. Take this time to rewind and get connected with their family and friends. You return to your element of earth.

taurus yearly prediction


Moderately Successful Professional life; Avoid aggression; Do not depend on luck for success

This year has mixed results in terms of career. This is a result of the position of planet Saturn in the 9th House. You might get the desired movements and promotions. People who are looking for a change of job may get success. Do not show aggression to your coworkers at the workplace. This is a wonderful time for those of you who work in the media or performing arts. The work you have put in at the start of the year will make a huge difference. In May, this will be further fortified as achievements and victories. This will propel you to greatness. During this time, you may also gain favour with your employer and get a raise. A few last-minute work issues can surface at the end of the year, but you will resolve them with your presence of mind. Entrepreneurs are in for mediocre success; some of your past efforts would start yielding fruits. A stable atmosphere with regular, loyal clients will continue. No new projects are foreseen at the start of the year, however mid of the year see some progression. Do the groundwork for some future scope of actions. Do not rely on luck, and only hard work would pay rich dividends for you this year.


Stable financial inflow; Jupiter Favored luck and fortune; Planned budget management

The financial standing of Taurus would be quite average during the year 2021. In the beginning, Mars, in your 12th House, might cause unwanted expenses. But, since Saturn aspects your 11th House, you will also gain money. There are no significant changes foreseen for the period in this area. Jupiter and Venus make sure that you have a steady inflow of funds, and you are stable on your financial side through the period. Some natives are likely to experience some luck and fortune flow this year due to Jupiter; He might also give you some wealth between early April and mid-September. If you have plans of making any significant financial investment, it would be better to be careful and seek expert advice. You must plan for better budget management despite the stability promised. Avoid extravagant lifestyle and luxury purchases through the period.


Mild turbulences in family life; Happy and Healthy Children; Avoid disagreements and focus on peace in the family

This year may remain slightly unfavourable on the family front. The beginning of the year can bring some turbulences; you might lack your family's essential support, which will further upset you. However, things will improve soon afterwards, and the duration of mid-February to March will bring better results for you. Jupiter's transit in Aquarius, 4th House of the family during April-September, looks favourable for achieving a peaceful atmosphere at home. The mutual understanding between the partners will increase and improve; you will successfully express your heartfelt emotions to your spouse. In your seventh House throughout this year, Ketu avoids all arguments and focus on settling all differences and maintaining peace. This will be quite essential for your love life. The aspect of Jupiter will be mostly favourable on your children, and they will be healthy and happy.


Focus on the Spouse’s and parents’ health; Take up some sport for being active; Rahu and Ketu might cause health challenges. 

Health looks good at the beginning of the year, as Jupiter will have its 5th aspect in your Moon Sign. However, you may be stressed this year about your spouse’s health and yours due to the aspect of Rahu. Be wary of your food style; Do pursue some sport or the other that takes you outdoors. Mars blesses you with immense energy these days that would make you mentally and physically fit. Find occasional periods for relaxation. In short, the first quarter of the year will be mildly stressing, but April and May will bring improvements to your health. You need to pay more attention to your parents’ health, specifically from mid-June to mid-July, as some challenges are indicated.


Luck and success on your side until April; Challenging period in academics from May to September; Success in higher studies 

This year is slightly challenging for students. You will need to pay more attention to academics. Until mid-April, time is a valuable time for you. Luck will favour you, and you will perform well in your academics. Those preparing for higher education will also attain success in their endeavours. After April, the time until September may bring some problems for the students that may create obstacles in your learning. Students who wish to go overseas for higher studies will receive happy results from September to October, and some of you may even grab an opportunity to set foot on foreign lands.

  • Pray to Surya, the Sun God, every morning and seek His grace.
  • Pray to Surya, the Sun God, every morning and seek His grace.
  • Meditate on Rahu Mantra– Om Sri Rahave Namaha
  • Recite Ketu Mantra - OM Sri Ketave Namaha
  • Feed poor people, priests, animals, and birds regularly.
  • Feed flour to ants on Friday. You can place food in a secluded place for them.
  • Perform Gau pooja and Offer food to the cow (gau mata) 
  • Treat ladies of your household with compassion and dignity; try to contribute to women's empowerment in society.