Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2023

Taurus natives will have mixed prospects in the year 2023. However, your luck may hold good to sail through the difficult phases of this year. Due to Saturn’s transit, beginning of the year may seem lull and slow. There could be stress and mental tension. But with Jupiter’s movement, the year will pick up some good benefits. Be cautious of your words and other communications, especially with family relatives. There is a good chance of temporary moving to foreign countries. Second quarter of the year will bestow promising financial conditions. Major transits and planetary positions for this year are, Saturn will be moving into its own sign from the 10th house. From April 22, Jupiter will be moving through your 12th house. Rahu will be in the 12th house and Ketu in the 6th house.  


There is a potential business chance that will advance well around January 2023 when Saturn enters your tenth house. Your company will sign overseas business deals and grow well than expectations. This year, the organisation you have been working with will go into a multinational corporation opening opportunities for you to travel. Although, this brownie point comes with long working hours that reduces family time. People working in critical jobs might have to deal with uncertainty like frequent department changes or transfers to different branches during this year. On a positive outlook, this will present opportunities for deepening your domain expertise and adversity management. Business entrepreneurs will have to invest big money in Artificial Intelligent and R&D to keep up with their clientele. However, this investment will prove to be efficient in sustaining the ROI.  


The year will be full of financial ups and downs for Taurus natives. The months from January till April will be excellent and it is wise to make investments or save during this phase to sail through the money dry phases of the year. Finances will be great until April, post Jupiter’s movement into twelfth house there could be big expenses on spiritual grounds. In the month of October, your finances will peak, utilise this chance to economically develop and investing in the stock market. With the blessings of Venus, the lord of your moonsign you might purchase a vehicle that you have always wanted. The months of May till July indicate a favorable time for buying assets.   


Family life for Taurus natives look moderate. Beginning of the year will bring happy news of progeny changing your priorities. Despite the mental stress from career, you will try and make every step to keep the family happy. Some conflicts are predicted between April and August especially among extended family members. anxious moments due to a loved one's health are also foreseen. Then happy times resumes from September to November. With love life, single Taurus natives might meet their match yet feel quite reluctant to make their decisions. Rahu’s position in the twelfth house may cause some collateral damage in family life. Both love life or married life might bring unpleasant situations.  


Health looks better. Stress free work situations and moderately smooth social life will ensure good health. However, Saturn’s presence in your tenth house and Rahu who will already be in your twelfth house along with Jupiter around April 2023 can slow down health of your family members. During retrograde movement of Saturn and Jupiter, you must pay utmost care on your health. Eat seasonal fruits and local vegetables to boosting your health and physical stamina. 


Taurus students will enjoy a great first quarter of the year 2023. Per Taurus Education Horoscope predictions, Jupiter’s grace will continue to bestow keen interests in academics. You will perform well in exams and progress your academic career. students who are working hard to clear the competitive examination will achieve their dreams this year. Taurus students who are keen on travelling abroad for Masters will get good universities between the months of March and June. 

Rewarding Months in 2023: February, May, August, September, and December. 

Testing Months in 2023: January, March, April, June, and November

  • Recite Mahalakshmi Mantra everyday especially in Venus Horas to ensure stable money flow. ‘Shreem’ or “Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namah“
  • Feed fishes in temple ponds or you can buy a pet fish and care for it.
  • Choose light pink or pastel colours on important days this year.
  • You can fast on Fridays to appease Mahalakshmi Devi.