Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2023

For Virgo natives, 2023 could be a mix of good and bad. You will have great career wins interspersed with minor losses. Keep your mind on doing every activity in the most productive manner. This may help you keep your eye on the wins. You will buy new assets that you have been planning to add to your wardrobe or assets list. At the same time, try to track and eliminate unnecessary expenses. You will enjoy get together or pilgrimages with your relatives. This year’s major planetary positions and transits are- Saturn’s movement through your 6th house denotes victory over foes. Jupiter’s movement through your 7th house will ensure successful married life. This time may not work well for lovers. Ketu will be in the 2nd house and brings some staggered issues in finances. Rahu will transit from the 8th house. Planets Mars and Mercury will bring good new opportunities in the first six months of 2023. 


Career will go on a normal regular phase. There could be some frequent delays in project completion. You may have to postpone work or new ideas for no reason. Avoid arguments with your leaders due to Rahu’s impact. Since delays will become part and parcel of your career, set your focus on utilizing your professional skills to the most without worrying on timelines. Business will pick up between July till the end of September months. It will be wise to sign new deals and invest in new ideas during that phase. There will be signs of great increase in income in business. You will also get chances to travel overseas; if you have been trying to get business visa or investing other efforts in this direction, you will be successful between July till September. 


2023 will be an average period of financial growth and prospects. There will be good gains from long-term investments from previous years. You will take romantic trips and pilgrimages that may increase your expenses. Yet, you will meet new people and make good friends from those travels. Unplanned expenses may skyrocket due to Ketu in the second house. You need to be highly vigilant of your expenses during the travels. January till April, the financial conditions will be good. This would be the time to make investment in financial bonds and deposits. Right after Jupiter transit to the 8th house along with Rahu around April end, it could get challenging. Until till the end of October, you must be aware of finances. Investment plans made without due diligence between may till October could land you in financial losses.


You will benefit well from your constant communication in your relationships. Stress levels will decrease in marital life at the end of the year. Your life partner may become keen in their spiritual seeking. Saturn and Venus present in the 5th house will benefit your children. They will get fruitful results in everything they do. They will bring honor to the family. Single Virgo natives will fall in love with someone you have been friends with for many years. You will take romantic trips and use new ideas initiatives in your married life to woo your partner. Single Virgos will meet their potential matrimonial matches. Jupiter- Rahu conjunction, can bring discomfort in family’s health situation. From May, elderly member of the family may face health issues. 


Health problems might pop up at the beginning of March but in the year end these health issues will subside. Your spouse’s health will be relatively good. You must follow utmost caution while driving or operating sharp objects due to Rahu in the eighth house. Elders in the family or extended family might face some sudden health issue. 


This year, you will make your teachers and parents proud with your performance in your examinations. Jupiter will guide you in embarking on great academic heights and higher studies. You will beam with confidence. You will be interested in cultural activities as well.  

Rewarding months in 2023: February, May, June, July, August, November, and December  

Testing months in 2023: January, March, April, September, and October. 

  • Chant or meditate on the Beej Mantra of Mercury or Budh Dev everyday especially during Mercury hora. "Om Bran Breen Broum Saha Budhaya Namah"
  • Donating mung beans or green gram to a temple in the evening on Wednesday is suggested to improve your finances.
  • Including sprouted mung beans or mung beans will be beneficial.