Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2021

2021 spans out to be a year full of equally good and not-so-good experiences for the Virgo moon sign. Planetary movements look moderately beneficial. Rahu will be in your 9th house of dharma, as a result of which you will develop a liking for unusual and unique spiritual practices and seeking. Your paternal relationship might not be cordial. Saturn in your 5th House, this entire year, will cause lethargy and isolation from your family. Saturn might shower some merits of your previous incarnation’s virtues. Jupiter’s movement to the 5th House and your 6th Houses would help you perform well, both in personal and professional life. Some of your eccentric wishes and ambitions might be fulfilled this year. It is advised to open up and be more expressive than ever before. Try not to be that picky as always. If you play your cards right, you would feel being healed both physically and mentally throughout the year. Accept things and relationships around you without asking.

virgo yearly prediction


Work-related travel; Mildly challenging professional life; Avoid procrastination.

Professional life looks slightly challenging. Saturn can mar your intelligence, distract you, and will make you procrastinate. It may also make you wonder about new jobs and may not let you focus on the task on hand. Examine your career standing and proceed with other job offers. Do not rely on second-hand information; make decisions after experiencing for yourself. Fraudulent friends and colleagues might cross your path. But April-September onwards, you should be careful; be in a good relationship with everyone, especially at work. Entrepreneurs refrain from signing huge business deals without expert advice. Try to manage your business single-handedly; partnerships might not work better. Stiff competition would be evident at the workplace and in business. Only hard work, commitment, and compromise will help you get through. Keep working, do not lose heart. You might not be able to get direct results for your efforts in the first half of the year. Later, when the planets help you merge your hard work and professional position, a progressive career movement will happen. The dark clouds will scatter from your professional life as the year draws close. Some work-related travel is predicted.


Moderate financial status; Expert assisted speculative gains; Tenacious budgeting; Paternal inheritance

Your financial condition remains fairly weak during the start of this year. Situations will improve gradually, and when the planet Mars moves to your 8th house, good cash flow is seen from secret resources. You might inherit money and property from your paternal side of the family. Months April until September, your expenses may increase. This would have a significant impact on your economic status. Planet Rahu in the 9th house might cause sudden monetary gains. Only this will strengthen your financial condition. Overall, this would be an average period, and there might be occasional spells of minor and major inflows. It is wise to bank on it and save some for rainy days. Saturn in 5th house might help you make money from speculative gains and entertainment, cinema biz. This is a good year to really fine-tune your understanding of money and prosperity. If you plan your budget tenaciously, you are one who can quickly jump into a great pool of wealth.


Transparency assisted Good marital life; Stay away from destructive habits; Success in progeny.

The beginning of the year looks dull and stressful. Mid-year looks moderately good, and the end of the year gets favorable. Couples might face conflicts, and if not addressed, this can cause emotional detachment. Taking a short vacation together may help you fix clashes. Stay away from destructive habits or company. Do not put your relationship at risk. Be mindful of your actions. You avoid arguments or fight with your loved ones, especially regarding ancestral wealth or inheritance. There is a possibility that you might be distracted by work or finances; remember to spend time with your loved ones. Try to start a new hobby together as a family. Generally, your children will be a success and show excellence in their studies. If you have more than one child, your elder might face challenges, and the little one might do extraordinarily well. If you are planning for a family, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction will come as a blessing. The last quarter of the year looks auspicious. You will get successful marriage proposals.


Good Health and well-being; Avoid Lethargy; Take up an adventurous sport

Health and well-being look good. There would be a sense of optimism in you. You would be at your physical best. Take up some adventurous sport to avoid the lethargy that Saturn might cause. Outdoor activities with family would help both family’s mental health and self. Jupiter’s aspect on 1st house works well on psychological and physical health, and its transit to 6th house in the middle of the year causes mild hiccups. Digestive disorders and urinary tract infections might trouble you often. It is always advised to follow a vegan lifestyle to reduce already existing health complications and avoid new ones.


Saturn causes Lack of focus; Mid-year looks good for overseas education; Avoid restlessness.

Saturn transit may not give favorable results in the fifth house for academic purposes. Saturn will cause lethargy. Students may not be able to concentrate on their studies. You will be required to push your boundaries to a greater extent to ensure positive results. Students preparing for competitive exams must put in a lot of hard work to succeed this year. May and August look lucky for overseas higher education. Students in political science, information technology, or social work will do well this year. Generally, there will make a sense of restlessness despite your achievements.

  • Soak some raw Moong dal/ Green gram (lentils) on Tuesday and feed this to a Cow on Wednesdays.
  • Chant or meditate on Durga Chalisa every day.
  • Visit the temple of Goddess Durga and offer red flowers, red vastra-clothing.
  • Always keep a solid square piece of silver in your purse or pocket.
  • Offer sincere prayers to Planet Rahu. Chant 'OM Sri Rahave Namaha' during evening twilight.  
  • Seek the blessings of your father, elders, Gurus, and teachers