Anshik Manglik

Anshik Manglik dosh or Anshik Mangal Dosha is a mild form of Manglik dosha. Anshik Manglik Dosha means that Mars is in the first (ascendant), second, fourth, or twelfth houses in a horoscope. This native is called Anshik Manglik. The native will be under the thumb of Mars, the war planet. In Anshik manglik dosh, Martian energy is well channelized. This makes the anshik manglik have less impact on the native. This dosha is said to end after the native comes to the age of 18.

There are many kinds of manglik dosha based on the placement of Mars and other planets that aspect Mars. These doshas have different effects on the life of the native. In certain cases it is very mild and in some cases it's quite extreme affecting all areas of native’s life. All this is applicable only when the manglik dosha is valid and is not cancelled by other planets or conjunction in the horoscope.

anshik manglik

Anshik Manglik Boy

Anshik Manglik boy might face unnecessary conflicts or fights with their friends or acquaintances. They generally have many enemies in their surroundings mostly due to their aggression. When not channeled well, the Anshik Manglik may suffer from low self confidence and low self-esteem. Presence in the second house can hurt their maternal chord and leads to mild disharmony in family. Their love interests can betray them. Anshik Manglik boy with Mars in the fourth house may be dissatisfied with his job or family business. They may have some childhood physical scars due to arguments of violence and physical assault. Anshik Manglik person might not able to withhold their paternal property. Anshik Manglik boy may face financial problems and mental health or emotional instability issues if Mars in the twelfth house. Positively, the native with well channelized Martian energy means extraordinary tolerance of pain, deep focus, humongous self esteem, and intolerance to injustice.

Anshik Manglik Girl

Anshik Manglik dosha ends at the age of 18. until that age, they may experience some turbulence with family, friends or health. Anshik Manglik girl with Mars in the twelfth house may face emotional and health obstacles due to family or profession. Anshik Manglik girl can dominate the family or friends circle that often lead to arguments. They may come in company of evil friends or bad influences affecting their childhood. Anshik manglik girls with Mars in ascendant can display anger or rage in their actions. They might be perceived as hostile due to the martian energy. Anshik Manglik individuals especially girls tend to face a problems in choosing friends and love partners. When Mars in the second house, it can impact their family bonding, maternal relationships or education. 12th house presence can pose some mild challenges in the financial status and mental health.

Anshik Manglik Effects

  • People of both the sexes can have Anshik manglik dosha. Both are called as Anshik Manglik.
  • Mars as a planet of fierce aggression and War bestows exceedingly high will-power and self esteem in a Anshik Manglik. Their confidence and determination is unmatched.
  • Mangal dosha affects the native’s marriage in Purna Manglik dosha or High mangal dosha. However, Anshik manglik does not affect marriage. The effects are prevalent in professional life and aspect of native’s life.
  • When anshik manglik receives a mild malefic aspect from Saturn or Rahu or Ketu, it can make the native competitive, aggressive and hot-tempered.
  • Anshik Mangliks have immense Martian energy within them that is channeled in constructive ways. This dynamic energy makes them thrive well in sports fields, handling weapons, martial arts, fencing, and armed forces.
  • Only in certain cases under malefic combinations either during dasha or planetary transit, Anshik mangal dosha affects marital life causing some tension or discords.
  • In some cases, Anshik Mangliks are victimized in their early part of childhood.
  • They resonate well with competitions, thrive in conflicting environments, express dominion in most tricky situations aiding success.
  • Anshik Manglik dosha can cause eye disease or general restlessness with anxiety for no reason. The person might feel anxious and mentally busy all the time.
  • Anshik manglik dosha creates disharmony and disagreements with family members.
  • There can be unnecessary issues or arguments and disobedience with parents or other elders.
  • Anshik Manglik due to fourth house Mars results in conflicts, trivial tensions, and sometimes verbal abuse at workplace.
  • The effects of Anshik Mangal dosh are little/mild when compared to high manglik dosha. In addition most effects can be resolved through Mangal Dosha Nivarana puja and remedial rituals like Ghat vivah, Mangal shanti or chanting mantras.

Anshik Manglik Remedies

Many expert astrologers advice that Anshik Manglik is a feeble to mild form of manglik dosha and natives can perform simple remedies to alleviate the dosha effects.

  • Offer 10- 12 red colored ladoo (with saffron) to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.
  • Worship Lord Mangal with red lentils and red colored flowers.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa or Mars Gayathri mantra everyday
  • Try to wear clothes of soft red shades on Tuesdays for worship.
  • Donate sweets or candies to children in the temple premises.
  • Do not gossip or lie especially about women or female friends.
  • Perform Mangal Shanti puja once a year.
  • Wearing coral gemstones using gold/ brass metal.
  • Fasting on Tuesdays and Angarki Chathurthis.

Anshik Manglik dosha check

When Mars is present in the houses- ascendant, second, fourth or twelfth in a natal chart the native is said to be under Anshik Manglik dosha. The native is called Anshik Manglik. Mars must be placed alone in the houses; Mars should not be associated with any other malefic planets nor receive malefic aspect from other planets like Venus, Rahu or Ketu. Mars receiving benefic aspect or being placed with benefic planets cancels Anshik Manglik dosha.

Can Anshik Manglik marry non Manglik?

Placement of mars in certain houses of horoscope decide whether the native is under anshik manglik dosh or not. The popular myth about marrying a Manglik is that the spouse’s life remains at risk all times. When appropriate dosha remedies like Anshik Manglik Ghat vivah or kumbh vivah are incorporated, marrying an anshik manglik does not hurt their marital life or spouse's health. In case of Anshik manglik since the effects of the dosha are less and does not impact marital life there may not be challenges with spouse. In some cases, when the non manglik’s chart has yogas and benefic planetary positions, it can cancel out the anshik manglik dosh in the manglik chart. At the same time, it is very important that the marriage horoscope matching - Ashtakoota is performed even before checking for manglik dosh effects. A mismatch in ashtakoota does not qualify for marriage compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is anshik manglik ?

When Mars is placed in the houses- first (ascendant), second, fourth or twelfth in a native's birth chart. This native is called Anshik Manglik.

Will Anshik manglik dosha affect my marital life?

Not all the times. Mostly Anshik manglik dosha effects are predominant in native’s attitude, profession, health, and family relations.

Can Anshik Manglik dosha be removed?

Absolutely. Anshik manglik dosha can be removed. Common remedies being performing Mars Shanti puja, worshiping Lord Mangal, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha.

Can a boy be an Anshik manglik?

Yes. Both men and women can be Anshik manglik. This dosha is gender neutral.

Can a non manglik marry an Anshik manglik?

Yes. After performing remedies suggested through extensive horoscope analysis an Anshik manglik can marry a non manglik.

Anshik manglik meaning

Part in hindi means ansh, anshik manglik means a part a of manglik dosha, partially manglik.