Benefits of being Manglik

Being Manglik is one of the most misunderstood terms in Indian astrology. Beyond the fear there are many benefits of being a manglik. Every time this word comes up, people associate this dosha with failures in marriage or a fearsome personality. A person is said to have manglik dosha when Mars is posited in the 1 st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses of the natal chart their chart. When Mars is placed in any of these houses, it generates high amounts of martian energy on the native. It is known to make the native aggressive, passionate, and domineering. Most Mangliks are told that these are not-so-great qualities and are portrayed as unmanageable partners in marriage. On the contrary, when channelled in the right way, all these extreme qualities of Mars can work in a constructive way for the natives and everyone around them. Mars in mangal dosha brings many advantages to the psyche of the native, making them very successful in their life. Here are some unique best benefits of manglik dosha - Goal oriented, Career success, Powerful Personality, Disciplined and sincere, High energy levels, Deep intuition, Closer to Divine Grace, Choosing right partners in life.

Benefits of being Manglik

8 Advantages of being a Manglik

1. Goal oriented

Manglik natives are determined and headstrong. Even in the most difficult situations, their goals and ideas remain undeterred. Literally, nothing stops them from achieving their dreams. They inherit this never give up attitude from Mars, and they do not stop until they get what they want even if it means working non-stop without sleep or food.

2. Career success

Mars bestows sportsmanship, positive attributes like courage, valour, leadership abilities, good physical build. Mars also blesses piercing mental acumen that digs deep into anything they set their mind on. The native excels in any career they choose. They may come up with outstanding ideas and creative plans for business projects. Their determination and versatility from the blessings of Mars leads them to top career roles and job opportunities. Their dosha can cause many changes in jobs/profession, rifts and even delays but they always emerge victorious.

3. Powerful Personality

The other common benefit of Mangal dosha, especially from the fourth house Mars, is strong, powerful, and attractive personality. These natives will be charming, and people will feel very attracted to them. Manglik girls are known to be very beautiful and elegant in their personalities. Manglik Men are usually tall, strong, and well-built.

4. Disciplined and sincere

People under Mars’s influence are great disciplinarians. They value ethics and loyalty. Sincerity is often synonymous with being Manglik. They are very dedicated and hate to compromise on their dreams or ideas.

5. High energy levels

High levels of Martian energy is often regarded as a negative trait. This energy is misconstrued as aggression or harshness, resulting in rifts or fights in marriages. In reality, they make highly protective and powerful partners. They are naturally capable of sustaining the zest for life and being enthusiastic. Some famous examples are Shri Narendra Modi, Virat Kohli and Kapil Dev.

6. Deep intuition

Martian energy in the Manglik makes them highly intuitive and spiritual. Most times, they perfectly pre-empt the outcome of any action. They, in fact, plan their actions based on their intuition. Whenever a Manglik makes a decision or choice, they always act with 100% consciousness. Hardly do they deviate from their conscious decision.

7. Closer to Divine Grace

Individuals with Manglik Dosha are known for constantly being guided by their intuition and Divine grace. Their clear conscience and high levels of Martian energy take them closer to Divine Grace.

8. Choosing right partners in life

As a Blessing in disguise, mangal dosha lets the native have enough time in choosing their actual match. It imparts a different level of maturity both physical and mental awareness before they choose a marital partner.

Frequently Asked Questions on Benefits of being Manglik

Are mangliks always rude and aggressive?

No all the time. They are often misunderstood as rude. They make great leaders and combat warriors

Is Mangal dosha connected to a person’s intuition?

Yes, Mangal dosha holds great significance in intuitive personality. Most natives are said to be highly intuitive and spiritual.

Is Manglik dosha bad?

Not always. In some cases, this dosha blesses the native with certain unique qualities and skills that most of them lack.

Does Mangal dosha affect career choices?

No, Mangal dosha actually enhances the ability to learn and prowess a skill. A manglik native can make better career choices.