Can a Manglik Marry a Non Manglik

This is a popular and one of the most feared questions for Marriage in Vedic Astrology. It has also been a source of constant debate! In India, there are many myths and taboos associated with this question. Most parents do not consider a nonmanglik match for their manglik children or avoid manglik matches if their children are non manglik. Though there is some level of truth involved in these myths, a manglik marrying a non manglik is definitely a possibility in vedic Astrology. Read ahead to know how!

can a manglik marry a non manglik

Who is a Manglik?

When Mars is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in a horoscope, it makes a native exhibit the highest degree of Martian energy, like passion, aggression, and rage. This person is often referred to as a Manglik and it is considered as a Manglik dosha (दोष). Mars when placed in any of these houses greatly alters a native’s temperament, nature, undue desires, assertions, and sexual energy.

Marriages for Mangliks

7th house is called the house of marriage and marital partner. This house is analysed for marital relationships. When Mars is posited in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses, its aspect on the 7th house creates numerous challenges in the marital life. Mars’ aspect on this house deeply affects the marriage and their partner as well.

8th house, Ayu Bhava also called the house of death will also be affected by Mars in a manglik’s chart. Since both these houses related to marriage will be under Mars’s strong influence for a manglik, as a thumb rule, they should only marry another manglik. When both the boy and the girl are Manglik, it cancels the dosha and presents successful conjugal bliss.

Manglik Marrying a non manglik 

In Vedic astrology, there is a solution for everything. A manglik can marry a non manglik based on the position of other planets and yogas in their chart and remedies prescribed in the Vedic texts. The foremost factor in any marital match is checking Ashtakoota matching which comprises of 36 gunas/ attributes between the groom and bride. This match is first analysed in Manglik and non-Manglik individuals, then the following conditions are verified before proceeding for marriage

  • If Mars is in the ascendant of a male natal chart and if a malefic planet is in the ascendant of a female natal chart, this cancels the Mangal dosha for marriage. Same works for Mars posited in houses- 4, 7, 8 and 12.
  • If Mars is placed in following signs-house combination mangal dosha will not be applied; when Mars is in any of the house- sign, a manglik can marry a non manglik.
    Mars in Aries as ascendant
    4th house- Scorpio ,
    7th house- Capricorn,
    8th house - Cancer,
    12 house - Sagittarius.
  • If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are placed in the houses- 2, 4, 7 or 8 in a manglik’s chart, they can marry a non manglik native.
  • If the Non-Manglik native’s chart holds powerful planetary placements and a strong influence of natal Saturn, the marriage can succeed
  • When planets Moon and Venus are posited in the second house in a horoscope, Mangal dosha will be nullified
  • Even when Mars is aspected by benevolent Jupiter, the natives can marry a non manglik since Jupiter’s aspect can void the the mangal dosha
  • In addition, if Rahu is placed along with Mars in a manglik’s chart, it can effectively remove the dosha creating scope for marrying a non-Manglik native.
  • When strong, benefic planets -Jupiter or Venus is posited in the Lagna or 1st house, then manglik dosha is disregarded. This also works when Jupiter and Venus aspect the seventh house in a manglik’s chart.
  • On the same lines, whenever Planet Mars in a manglik’s chart is well aspected by strongly placed benefic planets, it neglects Mangal dosha
  • Mangal Dosha will also cancel when houses- 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, or 10 have benefic planets and houses- 3rd, 6th and 11th house are posited with malefic planets. This is applied when the lord of the 7th house is posited in the house of marriage in the chart.
  • It is mentioned in astrological classic ‘Muhurat Deepak’, if Rahu is placed in the houses-1, 4, 7 or 10 in a manglik’s chart, the dosha impact will be voided in the marriage.
  • In the Ashtakoota matching, if the charts of the boy and girl show good match of 27 gunas or above, it can defy manglik dosh.
  • Some people also say that after 28 years, the effect of Mars ends, and marriage to a non Manglik looks like a possibility in the 29th year.

Remedies for a manglik to marry a non-manglik

Moreover, with the remedies suggested in the Vedic scriptures, a Manglik can get married to a non-Manglik even if the above said planetary conditions do not apply. Here is the list of remedies that can be performed both before and after marriage to mitigate the effect of Manglik dosha,

  • Maintain cordial relationship with your sister and female cousins.
  • Chant Hanuman mantras like Hanuman gayathri, Hanuman chalisa and worship Lord Hanuman regularly.
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays for Mars
  • Visit temples,donate sweets to children in the temple premises on Tuesdays
  • Always keep a small piece of red or deep red cloth in your wallet or purse.

Manglik Girl Non Manglik Boy Marriage Remedies

In cases where the girl is Manglik, and the boy is non-manglik, the fear factor is widowhood. Loss of the spouse is predicted in malefic planetary positions. The most popular remedy to nullify the dosha in this case is ‘Ghat Vivah’ (घट विवाह). This remedial ritual also removes the widowhood from their life. This remedy involves the manglik girl marrying a peepal tree or an idol of Lord Vishnu or a clay pot filled with holy water like Ganga Jal or temple theertha as her groom. This is treated as the first marriage of the bride.

After the marriage ritual, a tiny branch of the tree is chopped or the idol of Lord Vishnu idol is floated in a river, or the matki pot is broken. The actual marriage where the girl marries the non manglik boy is considered as a second marriage or remarriage. In the natal chart, remarriages are analysed using 9th house. In this scenario, Mars in houses- 1, 4, 7, 8, or 12  will not have any influence on the house of marriage and house of death.

There is another remedy in place to mitigate the manglik dosha using coral gemstone. This remedial ritual is perfomed during Kanyadhaan (कन्यादान) of the marriage ceremony. Two coral gemstones approximately of same dimensions are used in this remedy. During kanyadaan, these two corals gems are placed inside the right palm of the bride. Her father or a paternal relative, in case of absence of the father is asked to pour water on her right hand washing these corals, while she holds one in her hand and lets the second coral drop into a vessel. The first gemstone is worn as an ornament, like a ring or pendant, throughout her life. This remedy saves her possible misfortunes of Manglik dosha.

The second gemstone is offered to a temple or discarded in a waterbody.  In the future, if the gemstone is lost or misplaced, it must be bought and borrowed from her parents or paternal side without repeating the ritual.

Manglik Boy Non Manglik Girl Marriage Remedies

Similarly, when the boy is Manglik and the girl is non-Manglik, same marriage (विवाह) ritual is performed by the manglik boy. Instead of peepal tree, kikar tree or a kikar tree branch is used in this remedy. The manglik boy marries this tree or a clay pot and this is treated as his first marriage. Post marital ceremony, the kikar branch or the clay pot dropped in flowing water streams

Frequently Asked Questions on Manglik Non Manglik Marriage

Can a manglik marry a non manglik?

Yes, manglik can marry a non manglik.There are remedies based on the native’s chart that can facilitate the marriage.

Can a manglik boy marry a non manglik girl ?

After checking the kundali and performing the remedies suggested by an expert astrologer, a manglik boy can marry a non-manglik girl.

What happens if manglik marries non manglik ?

It does not always cause negative effects. The results are highly based on the planetary positions in the charts of both boy and the girl. With robust planetary combinations, the marriage can be a success.

Which gemstone is used for a person with manglik dosha?

Coral gemstone is prescribed. It is also used as a part of marriage remedies for this dosha.

Can a manglik girl marry a non manglik boy ?

After thoroughly analyzing the charts for ashtakoota and determining the potency of manglik dosha along with remedial rituals, a mangalik girl can marry a non-manglik boy.