Manglik Dosha after 28 years

If you are a manglik, you might have come across this statement quite often that ‘Manglik Dosha ends after 28 years of age’. In Vedic astrology, Mars enters into a subtle form after the 28th year of the native with Manglik dosha. The fierce energy of Mars gets channelized in a different direction, altering the negative effects after the 28th year. The strong influence of Mars in mangal dosha gets neutralised in the chart of both the boy or the girl after 28 years of age. Some astrologers say it does not mean that the effects vanish after 28 years of age, but the effects get slowed down provided dasha changes or when Mars is aspected by a benefic planet.

manglik dosha after 28 years

Who is a Manglik?

When Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th , 8th or 12th house in a natal chart, it is called Mangal dosha and the native referred as a Manglik. This dosha makes the native aggressive, passionate, and temperamental. They could be irratic due to the strong influence of Mars, a war planet. A manglik should only marry a manglik for a successful marriage and for their dosha to be cancelled.

Does Manglik dosha end after 28 years?

According to Vedic astrology, every planet has a period of maturity. Every planet is said to bestow its full benefits until a certain period of time or age and the effect begin to decrease. In other terms, the planet exerts its most planetary energy on the native for certain years and slows down. This is also believed make the native very mature over time in managing the planet’s extreme energy.

For instance, Planet Mars’s effects are said to mature after 28 years of age. When the native turns 28, they often are seasoned enough to tackle difficult and Mars reduces its adverse effects. It also develops a natural sense of intuitive intelligence in the native. Similarly, planet Saturn matures by 36, Rahu and Ketu by 42 and 48 respectively. Natives under the strong influence of these planets become matured enough in dealing the extreme planetary energy until that phase. Based on this, to some extent, the effects of Manglik dosha gets nullified after 28 years.

No two horoscopes are alike, so the effects of mangal dosha varies from a person to person. There might be grand success or extreme sadness from this dosha simply based on the planetary placements in each native’s chart. Some classics in Astrology say that after 28 years of age, effects of Mangal dosha recedes. In the 29th year, Martian energy from Manglik Dosha automatically begin to reduce. And every time it is said that the dosha effects are diluted, it means Mars as a Yoga Karaka has instilled a sense of control or maturity in the native to manage their temperament, impatience, and impulsive nature. This is why some experts prescribe marriage after this 28 years of age. 

On the contrary, some astrologers say if a Dosha is present in a natal chart/ kundli, it is present for life and only the effects of the dosha often varies with time and planetary transits.

Manglik Dosha simple remedies to perform after 28 years

Shastras suggest that a manglik native must perform some simple remedies even after 28 years of age to keep the effects under control; here are the remedies,

  • Wearing a Coral gemstone ring made of metals like Gold or Copper alloy.
  • Recite or meditate on Mangal Mantras on Tuesdays.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays
  • Observe fast on Mangalwars- Tuesdays. Donate Toor Dal to the poor.
  • Once in a year perform a special puja like “Mangal Homa’ or “Mangal shanti puja”.
  • Offer sweets or Jaggery along with Red flowers like Hibiscus, roses to Lord Ganesha on Angarki Chaturthi tithis (Chaturthi that falls on Tuesdays)
  • Feed grains or greens to birds, dogs, and cows .
  • You can also donate red colored clothes to children
  • Though Mars is set at West from Earth, in Astrology Mars' direction is South, planting a neem tree in the south side of your house can mitigate dosha impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manglik time period?

Generally manglik time period is said to last for 28 years.

Can a manglik marry a non-manglik after 28 years of age?

Sure, based on the planetary conditions of both the manglik and non manglik natives along with ashtakoota matching, they can marry each other.

Does the mangal gets dosha cancelled after 28 years?

Yes, in some scenarios the negative effects are reduced after 28 years.

Should a manglik carry out remedies after 28years of age?

It is highly suggested that a manglik native performs simple remedies after 28 years to keep the dosha effects in check.