Manglik Girl

What is Manglik Dosha in Girl ? In Vedic astrology, when Mars is placed in houses – 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th in a natal chart of a girl, she is known as Manglik girl. A native with this manglik dosh or manglik dosha affliction is called a Manglik. Both men and women could be Manglik. A female native under mangal dosha faces dosha impacts on her personal life, career, wealth, health, and longevity.

manglik girl characteristics

Manglik Girl Characteristics & Facts

Mangliks usually have strong personality, thirst for independence, and fiery temperament. Manglik girls have high self esteem, place their faith on their self confidence. Often this self esteem could be misconstrued as ego. They love to have their own set of rules and ethics. They are passionate and do not take things lightly. They are keen on maintaining discipline and focus on reaching great heights in their life. Mangliks girls are also known for their beautiful and charming looks. In some cases where Mars is deeply affecting the ascendant or seventh house in malefic ways, Manglik girls might have powerful and domineering personalities that can affect their family and partner. It could be difficult for their family and siblings to have smooth relationship with them. They will be highly focused on their professional life than personal life. Their social life and social image might have precedence over their love life.

On the other hand, a Manglik girl could be highly inclined to her family and their needs. Manglik dosha acts like a double edged sword, a native who remains a channel for martian energy can also act shy and feeble. She carries out her family responsibilities with complete sincerity and full devotion. When Mars is malefic yet suppressed as in low mangal dosha, the native may not be independent in her life. They may rely on their family or someone close in the immediate family for their basic needs in life. 

Manglik Girl Marriage Age

One common impact of Manglik dosh on marriage is the unprecedented delays inspite of the girl native’s charming personality and successful career. They may get married quite late in their life like late 30,35 even 40 in some cases. This could a result of Mangal dosh affecting marriage due to family issues like sickness in parents’ health or disharmony in family, health issues in the girl native like chronic diseases, challenges in reproductive organs, disability due to accidents etc, In some Vedic texts, it is also suggested for a manglik to get married after 28 years of age since Mars’s influence begins to recede after 28 years.

Manglik Girl Career

Manglik girls tend to have a great career and reach glorious professional pinnacles when the martian energy is well channelized. When Mars is powerful in the second and fourth house, a manglik girl builds a wonderful career. She can start a creative business empire and run it successfully to gain global recognition. Their bold and stubborn innate Mars nature leads them towards success in fields that are ruled by men. They can naturally prowess careers oriented to weaponry, war strategies, mechanics, racing, shooting etc. If Mars is malefic in the same second and fourth houses, the native will experience failure in business or change jobs excessively, might even have broken education. They may possess careless nature towards finances and family assets.

Low Mangal Dosha in Girl

Mangal dosha in the houses -1st, 2nd, 4th, and 12th houses causes low or moderate mangal dosha. This Manglik dosha leaves least effects on the native. And most of these dosha impacts are restricted to physical health, emotional health, attitude, and lifestyle. It hardly affects marital life or spouse’s health. Mars deprives the native of the domestic harmony, self-confidence and there could be misunderstandings with siblings. A female with low mangal dosha, might want to everything in her family, might not pay attention to what others need or want. She could be easily pulled into fights, mostly expresses themselves in a crude way. Mars in Ascendant or Lagna Manglik Dosha, mainly affects the physical nature and structure of the Manglik native. Low mangal dosha due to 12thhouse Mars causes family financial issues, mental health challenges, and emotional imbalances .

High Mangal Dosha in Girl

Most Astrology scholars mention that Manglik dosh due to malefic Mars in houses 7 and 8 is called high Mangal Dosha. High Mangal dosha makes the native quarrelsome and irksome. A manglik girl with extreme manglik dosha gets irritated quick, speaks harsh, and spends big. They may be short tempered, satirical in their tone, and sharp tongued. Mars in this dosha can result in loud mouth, broken education, detachment issues with family or too attached to family avoiding marriage or not allowing any self happiness. They may be shy, unpopular and awkward in society. Mars in this house, can render the native go deeply twisted with their physical desires leading to illicit affairs, illegal unison.

On the contrary, they may also face loss in physical pleasure or joy. Since both seventh and eighth house rule marital ties, Mars in this high mangal dosha affects longevity of the spouse, their nature and their career. Both these houses are related to marriage, spouse, and physical relationship, Mars affects the native’s interest in marriage, attachment towards own family. These ill impact of Mars are suffered all their lifetime for a native. There might be excessive physical desires and mental trauma through the husband. There will be constant fight for power and making decisions in the family. Some natives may go through multiple marriages. N worst cases, it can cause sudden loss of spouse, through accidents, medical operation or other mishaps. Some women under extreme Mars affliction, suffer physical health issues with pregnancy, miscarriages, and even health risks after child birth.

Double Manglik girl

If a girl’s natal chart has Mars in any of the houses- 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in Cancer sign along with Sun or Rahu or Ketu it creates Double Manglik Dosha. In other words, Manglik dosha due to the combination of Mars and Sun or Rahu or Ketu in ascendant, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses doubles the manglik dosha effects and is commonly referred as double mangal dosha; a native with this dosha is called a Double Manglik. This can cause multiple marriages or break ups affecting their marital life, self esteem, and zest for life.

How to Remove Manglik Dosha of Girl After marriage

A native under Manglik dosha must practice simple remedies even after marriage to keep Mangal’s effects under control without hampering the marital life. Performing these remedies every day after marriage to alleviate the effects of manglik dosh ensures smooth marriage.

  • Fasting on Tuesdays or at least Tuesdays of Shukla Paksha can reduce the dosha impact.
  • Chant Mars Beej Mantra or Gayathri mantra 108 times everyday
  • Meditate on or recite Hanuman Chalisa once in a week.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha on Angarki Chathurthi
  • Offer vermillion and betel leaf garland to Lord Hanuman on Thursdays
  • Donation of red lentils, red colored clothes or red colored sweets to the poor is an effective remedy. You can also donate weapons like knives, sickle or other sharp objects to a temple.
  • Offering sweets or candies to kids on temple premises is also a good remedy to mitigate Mars’s impact in Mangal dosha.

How to Remove Manglik Dosha of Girl before Marriage

To remove Manglik Dosha before marriage for girls is a marriage ritual called Kumbh Vivaah or Ghat Vivaah is performed before the bride’s wedding. In this ritual the manglik girl marries a Peepal Tree or a Banana Tree or clay pot or an idol of Lord Vishnu. In this remedial marriage ritual, manglik girl marries a tree branch or a sapling of the tree that is treated as a groom. The clay pot or the tree is later broken or cut to signify the Manglik girl’s widowhood is ruled out. This is considered as the manglik’s first marriage. The actual marriage with a non-manglik boy is treated as a second marriage.

Manglik Girl Marriage with Manglik Boy

Manglik dosha in the seventh and eighth houses has strong influence on the girl’s marital life. Extreme Mangal dosha can disrupt both family life and professional life. A girl manglik can face challenges in procreation, emotional and physical well being due to mars affliction. Manglik dosha especially high mangal dosha has negative impacts on the native’s marital life and limits their marital bliss, a Manglik has to marry another Manglik, to neutralize the blemish or mitigate the dosha. This is the one of the best remedies suggested when a female native is determined as highly manglik. From a logical standpoint, only Manglik people are capable of dealing with another strong Martian personality.

Can a Manglik Girl marry a non Manglik boy?

Girls with manglik dosha can marry a non manglik boy based on their planetary combination in the chart of both bride and the groom. Firstly, determining the potency and magnitude of Mangal dosha is mandatory since there are many exceptions and cancellations to the manglik dosha presence in a natal chart. Once it is determined and if the girl native is manglik, her marriage to a non manglik boy can be decided based on remedies and analysis of horoscope. In any marital match checking Ashtakoota level matching that comprises of 36 gunas/ attributes between the groom and bride is important.

  • When planets Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are placed in the houses- 2, 4, 7 or 8 in the girl  manglik’s chart, she can marry a non manglik native.
  • If the Non-Manglik boy’s horoscope holds powerful planetary placements and a strong influence of natal Saturn, the marriage can happen.
  • When Mars is in the fourth or eighth house in the horoscope and the girl is of Aquarius Ascendant, then she can marry a non Manglik boy.
  • Beneficial Jupiter or Venus in both the horoscope of the manglik girl and non manglik boy ensures successful marriage.
  • If Mars is placed in second house signs like -Virgo or Gemini, then Mars influenced Manglik girl can marry a non manglik boy.
  • Mars in the eighth house of signs- Pisces or Sagittarius facilitates Manglik marrying a non-Manglik.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Manglik dosha affect only girls ?

Both men and women can be Manglik. A native with Mars in lagna, second, fourth, seventh or eighth and twelfth houses is under mangal dosha.

Can a manglik girl have a good career?

In reality, a manglik native can have a great career when Mars’s energy is channelized better. Their passionate nature and aggressive energy can aid massive career success.

Should Manglik girl marry only another manglik boy?

Generally it is said to be the best remedy in case of a extreme manglik case. When a manglik girl marries another manglik boy, the dosha effects in both of them are nullified.

Is there solutions to remove manglik dosha in girl ?

Yes, there are powerful solutions & remedies suggested by Vedic texts to reduce or neutralize manglik dosha effects for women.

If a girl is manglik and boy is not

Yes, of course. When both the manglik girl’s and non manglik boy’s horoscopes have over 24 ashtakoota gunas matching with robust planetary placements, certain remedies can be performed to facilitate the marriage.

Manglik girl meaning ?

When Mars is placed in houses – First, Second, Fourth, 7th, 8th or 12th in a birth chart of a girl, she is meant as Manglik girl.