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What is Karana?

A Karana is half a Tithi, or each tithi is divided into two equal parts, each being a Karana known by a specific name. When the Moon completes the first 6 degrees movement of its orbit around the Sun, it is called a Karana. So, two karanas make one full tithi. There are 11 types of Karanas. The first seven are called 'Char'- movable or recurring Karanas. They follow one another in a standard pattern: Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija and Vishti. The last four of them are referred to as 'Sthir' or Fixed Karanas since they occur only once a month: Kintughna, Sakuni, Chatushpada and Naga in this order.
Each of the Karanas has its own influence and interpretation. These eleven Karanas repeat in a certain order in the whole lunar month of 30 Tithis of two lunar fortnights. Seven Karanas occur 8 times (making a total of 56) in both the Pakshas and 4 different Karanas occur once in a certain manner; This is the standard cyclical pattern. Thus, a lunar month has 60 Karanas in total.

The First Tithi of Shukla Paksha starts with Kintughna and Bava. From Bava, the recurring karanas follow the same standard pattern of -Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija and Vishti until the first part of the 29th lunar day. Post which, the fixed karanas occur in this order- Sakuni, Chatushpada and Naga. This sequence is illustrated in the table below,

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Astrological Significance

Understanding karanas is an essential part of aligning life with the cosmic space and choosing the right karana for the right deed. It also helps in determining the personalities of an individual.

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Bav Karana

People born in this karana are honest, sharp, liberal, rich, happy and very spiritual and pious in nature. They love to be involved in holy rituals. They aim at giving their best to any work that's given to them. It is ruled by Vishnu and is good for wedding muhurta, and for all kinds of activities, signing partnership deals.

Baalav Karana

People born in Balav Karana are bold, fortunate, handsome, courageous and exhibit sportsmanship attitudes. Spend more time of their life doing spiritual activities. They are learned and usually successful in the field of sports. This Karana is ruled by Brahma (the Lord of creation), which is suited for pilgrimages, starting a new job, offering donations.

Kaulav Karana

People born in this Karana are extroverts, very friendly, stubborn, secretive and value their self-esteem. They usually have a huge circle of friends and remain very popular. This Karana gives its natives some of the best attributes like unconditional love and caring. This karana is ruled by Moon and is ideal for partying, making new friends, love proposals. 

Taitil Karana

People born in this karana are firm, fierce, adventurous, intolerant, trustworthy and heroic. They will be an achiever. Their best quality is their truthfulness. They will have a wealthy life and might inherit a great lineage and assets. This karana is ruled by Indra (the Lord of Heaven)

Gar Karana

People born in this karana are hardworking, dedicated, do not depend on luck. They will be an expert in the science of Mantras/Vedas, occult. The ruling deity of this karana is Vasudeva- an avatar of vishnu and its best for auspicious activities such as the construction of a house, participating in competitive exams, marriage, engagement, any new project, housewarming, farming, dairy/fodder trade.

Vanij Karana

People born in this karana are smart, intellectual, bright and good at trading, loves to travel and workaholic in nature. The ruling deity are Lakshmi and Manibhadra (the chief of Yakshas) and this karana is suited for any form of business transactions, sale or purchase of property, rituals for attaining prosperity.

Vishti or Bhadrā Karana

Natives of this karana are brutal, unkind, heartless, naturally inclined towards bad deeds, and usually keen on revenge. 'Vishti' is considered the most inauspicious karana and is ruled by Mrityu - Yama.

Kimstughna Karana

Natives of this karana are very lucky and fortunate, strong, love humanitarian work, passionate. They will be very contented and lead a wealthy life. This is ruled by Kubera (the God of Wealth). This an ideal karana for all tasks, wealth-building rituals and restarting stagnant projects. 

Shakuni Karana

People of Shakuni Karana are clever, proactive, patient, born intelligent, great at conflict management, inclined towards law and justice. This Karana is ruled by Garuda (vehicle of Lord Vishnu) and is ideal for the propitiation of deities, Mantra Siddhi, formulation of medicines, victories on the battlefield or tough jobs.

Chatushpad Karana

People of this Karana are spiritual, active, educated, respected, very kind to animals and mighty. This is ruled by deity Nandi (Vehicle of Lord Shiva) and is ideal for Tarpanam- ancestral rituals, Donations, charity, Mantra recitation.  

Nāg Karana

Nāg Karana is a moderately inauspicious one. They possess great knowledge of minerals, metals. They rely on hard work only and might face some struggles and problems. They will get desired results only through extremely hard work and not through good fortune or luck. The ruling deity is Nagas (Divine Serpents). Starting any new projects or business decisions during this time is not considered auspicious. Only food donations and other charity can be performed.