Budhavar (Wednesday)

May 22 2024, 05:55 AM - May 23 2024, 05:55 AM 

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Vara means a Vedic Day. In Vedic astrology, a day begins at sunrise (unlike midnight on the English calendar). A planet rules each day. The vocabulary of the day is based planetary lord of the hora during the sunrise. According to Vedic sciences, each day consists of 24 Horas counted from one sunrise to the next. A planet governs each hora, and seven planets take turns. For instance, if the 1st hora of the day during sunrise is Soma-Moon hora, then it is called Soma Vaara-Monday. Similarly, it can be seen the first hora lords of successive days are in the order,
Sun/Ravi-Sunday, Moon/Soma-Monday, Mars/Mangala- Tuesday, Mercury/Budha-Wednesday, Jupiter/Guru- Thursday, Venus/Shukra- Friday, and Saturn/Shani- Saturday, which are the seven weekdays or Varas. Shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, are associated with Tuesday and Saturday.

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Vara Calculation

There is a simple rule to ascertain which Vara your birthday is. The Day begins at Sunrise and ends at Sunrise on the next Day. So, for example, if you were born in the USA at 7:20 am on a Friday morning, and if the Sun rose at 7:30 am, then your birthday belongs to Thursday/ guruvāra is under the influence of Planet Jupiter. It will be Friday after Sunrise. The time before that belongs to Thursday. If you are born in the Summer at the same time, in the USA, the Sunrise may have been at 7:15 am, so then you are indeed born on a Friday/Sukravara, thus making your Key planet Venus.


Through the Vara Lord, we can establish a deeper understanding of our flaws and strengths; this also provides important information about our constitutional fortitude, health and wellbeing.
The Vara Lord is the energy in the physical body, i.e., Life energy/Prana in every chakra. Hora Lord defines how we utilize the energy in the way we respond and react towards life situations. This equation denotes one’s life experience on this earth plane.
Using the Varas of the week, we can create simple rituals to strengthen or accelerate planetary influences based on the natal chart.

Sunday – ravivār is ruled by the Sun; People born on Sunday are honorable, bountiful and kind, energetic, enthusiastic and extremely brilliant. Sun helps you clear ignorance so the Truth can shine through. This day is ideal for Career growth changes, health focus, sports, government paperwork and taxes, meeting higher authority. We can use this day to build healthy self-esteem and become a light to ourselves and others.

Monday – somavār is ruled by the Moon, a soft benevolent planet. People born on Monday are tender-hearted, earned, sweet spoken, well-mannered and Lustful. This is the best day for public relations, a family meeting, social activities donating food, family bonding, especially with mother(s). Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to Vedic Astrology, we can use this Vara to perform rituals for a good spouse, the longevity of marriage, longevity of husband, children, prosperity for the family. 

Tuesday – maṅgalavār is ruled by Mars, which is a planet of drive and power. People born on Tuesday are cruel, blunt and uses bold words and acts, ardent, impetuous. Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Durga, Goddess Kali, and Lord Hanuman. Mangalvar is ideal for action that requires aggression, martial arts, physical activity, competition, boxing, wrestling, litigation, confrontations, sports, brothers, surgery, haircut, exercise, training, farming, research.

Wednesday – budhavār is ruled by Mercury that governs communication and exchange. Mercury rules the mind's capacity for intellectual process and analysis. Natives born on Wednesday are beautiful, sweet-spoken, intellectual, virtuous. Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Its a good day for friendly communications, mental work, clerical work, education, data collection- research, business negotiations and gadget shopping. 

Thursday – bṛhaspativār or guruvār is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and evolution. Jupiter is a positive force that propels us toward becoming more than we think we are. Natives born on Thursday are endowed with good qualities, have a charming appearance, and are very popular. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. This day is ideal for scheduling an appointment with a career counselor, financial planner, philosophical discussions, religious activity, pilgrimages, education, and children.

Friday – śukravāra is ruled by Venus, a planet love, wealth both the inner world and physical world, relationship and beauty. Friday born are romantic, emotional, popular ones with thriving social life. They are keen on the social environment, social interactions and intimacy. Friday is dedicated to Mother Goddess – Mahalakshmi, Annapuraneshwari, and Durga. This day is perfect for learning devotional arts like Carnatic music, classical dance, creation and celebration of beautiful things such as art, flowers, clothing and accessories; socializing, meet and greets, dates, arts, entertainment.

Saturday – shanivāra is ruled by Saturn, a planet of karma, limitation and detachment. Saturday borns value humility, surrender, service and Truth. Saturday is best for meditation, yoga, work with Prithvi-earth like gardening, travel, self-care, spend time in nature, decluttering activities at home and other domestic improvements.